J.R. Rotem: I Did Britney Spears Wheelbarrow Style

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Quote-unquote music producer J.R. Rotem had massive amounts of sex with Britney Spears.

And he's not afraid to disclose his kinky sexual position of choice for doing the pop princess.

Kind of makes the usual news about Britney Spears - the nipple slip, the crotch shots, the fashion faux pas, the floundering career, the kids, the ongoing feud with Lynne Spears - seem dull.

According to J.R. Rotem, he and Britney Spears had a heck of a good time back during their brief fling, which lasted between one sexual encounter and a few weeks, depending on who you believe.

So what did they do, exactly?

"I f**ked Britney wheelbarrow style!" J.R. Rotem tells Blender, before amending that.

"Just kidding," he says. "It was tractor style."

Tractor style? The Hollywood Gossip's research department has uncovered no evidence of such a position existing, so it's clear that J.R. Rotem either made up a special new move or is making some kind of white trash joke at Britney's expense.

As far as the wheelbarrow goes, UrbanDictionary.com describes it as intercourse, up against the wall, in which the male (J.R. Rotem) holds the legs of the woman (Britney Spears) apart, like a wheelbarrow, as he leans against the wall and thrusts feverishly.

Sounds like something Kendra Jade would be familiar with. See illustration below, along with a picture of the greasy, Spencer Pratt-like Jonathan "J.R." Rotem with Spears last year.

All his wheelbarrow fun wasn't without consequences for Rotem, who says that after his affair with Brit became public, he was nixed from Kevin Federline's MySpace friends. Bummer.

In the end, Britney and J.R. "decided for both our careers that it would not be cool to have a romantic relationship," says he. Or one based on hard core sex, more accurately.

In the past, Rotem has boasted of other conquests - Bai Ling, Hayden Panettiere, Mya and Meagan Good, among others - though he didn't divulge specific details, other than to say that none of those young ladies "got him as far" as Britney.

Britney soon moved on to Isaac Cohen, who, oddly enough, also divulged details of making sweet love to her in an extensive interview after their brief relationship ended in February.

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No morals and just plain rude, to tell about your sexual immorality and sins. It is a sin to have sex before marriage and one day before God at the judgement you will give account for every evil thing you have done. Young people please stop drinking, drugging, and bragging about who you sleep with. Abstinance is a sure cure not to have aids. Sex is wrong outside of marriage. You all know in your hearts what is right. Doesn't matter if most of the world is doing it. Be moral! I know you can do it.


Need a diagram for wheelbarrow sex? Go here... http://ithinkimcrazytoo.blogsp...


But, but ... I thought Britney was still a Virgin!


can't blame the lad for wanting to bust out the wheelbarrow for that fetching young lass

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