Jennifer Aniston Ogled By Jealous Rep

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The new relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Paul Sculfor sure seems to be heating up... especially if you read some of the tabloids out there.

This week's OK! magazine declares on its cover:

Caught Kissing!


Meanwhile, Star Magazine, another cutting-edge celebrity news purveyor with an immaculate reputation, proclaims on its cover:

"Jen & Her Man: MOVING IN!"

Whoa! If that's the case, Jennifer and Paul are taking things way faster than JT Torregiani and Paula Abdul. But is this just a load of crap?

Well, fellow celebrity gossip site,, had a conversation with Jennifer's rep, Stephen Huvane, who denied the reports, unequivocally stating that "The OK and Star stories are works of fiction, as are most of the weeklies when it comes to covering Jennifer's personal life."

Hmm. Pretty quick to deny that, aren't you, Stephen Huvane? We have a good idea why. Huvane (pictured here with Aniston) is quite jealous of Jen's new man - and seems to be scoping out Jennifer for himself.

We give this about a 6.75 on the ogling scale.

You know, not as high as Ashton Kutcher checking out the rackage of his teenage stepdaughter, Rumer Willis, but certainly a few nothces higher than London passersby taking an extended look at the tight little butt of the beautiful Kate Middleton.

After all, that kind of behavior is extended from working class stiffs. Especially Brits. But when the person you're gawking at is someone you're employed by - or married to the mother of - that's taking it to an extreme, don't you think?

Even if the woman is as hot as Jennifer Aniston. Stephen Huvane, you have just lost all credibility with us. But we still envy you being that close to the former Friends star.


Yes, I agree with you, Jennifer Aniston is more popular than Eurovision snpekiag in world-wide terms. I mean, I'm not European and I can assure you that Eurovision Song Contest is not very popular in my continent (America), whereas Jennifer Aniston is considered a superstar. Not only because she was once married to Brad Pitt, but also because of her long carreer in show business.Either way, I think she wasn't rude and it would be great if she hosted Eurovision, but ultimately, it's her choice.


Stephen is the sweetest guys in hollywood- and youre a jerk fr saying he is creepy- (not to mention he's my family)!!!!!!!!




I just can't get enough of her! She is the best. If I had the power I would mess up any one who trys to hurt her.


hi i enjoyed the read


Huvane is the worst. She ned to get rid of that gay creep.

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