Is The Price Right for Rosie O'Donnell?

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Come on down, Rosie O'Donnell, you're the next host of... The Price is Right!

Could these words be spoken to the former host of The View in the next few days? You can almost guarantee it, says TMZ, which reports CBS is talking to Rosie this week about taking over for Bob Barker on the popular game show.

And O'Donnell is all for it. She's ready to grab that skinny mic like it were the throat of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

"If they asked me, I sure would ... I LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT," Rosie wrote on her blog, choosing to not use childish haiku for once to express herself.

While everyone might not love O'Donnell on TV again, pet lovers should at least be psyched.

In case Holly Madison nude photos aren't getting their point across well enough, PETA and others can take comfort in the fact that Rosie says she'd keep Barker's signature sign-off about spaying and neutering.

As it pertains to dogs and cats, of course. Sadly, no one took this action on Britney Spears.


I think Rosie will be the perfect host and replacement for Bob Barker! He even endorsed her. She is funny and caring and will continue the show in Bob's Tradition!!!!
Can't wait!!


Who ever thought of the idiot Rosie Odonnell as the replacement for Bob Barker is a lummoxx. George Hamilton would be the perfect person 4 the job. Rosie is a big mouth broad. And has no place nowhere. And no talent whats so ever. I would never watch the price is right again if that dolt hosted the show. Norman


I will not longer watch the Price is Right if Rosie replaces Bob Barker. (No one Can) Rosie O'Donnell is not the right choice for this position.


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