Heidi Montag: Before & After Plastic Surgery

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A lot has changed for Heidi Montag between the 2006 MTV Music Awards and then 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Well, basically, two things have changed:

  1. The Hills got even bigger.
  2. Her hills got even bigger.

Montag, the former BFF of Lauren Conrad, made headlines during the second season of the MTV reality hit by essentially severing ties with her best pal and shacking up with the vile, repugnant, greasy, evil, loathsome Spencer Pratt.


Then, in the off-season, her skin was severed on several occasions as Heidi decided she needed a boob job and nose job in a needless attempt to boost her image.

Which Heidi Montag do you prefer?

The picture on the left is post-plastic surgery... and is far uglier than the more natural version on the right, in the opinion of this celebrity gossip site, at least.


she looks absolutely horrible. she is so dumb. and spencer minipulates her into thinking she had to do that when in reality she was goregous the way she was. a little bigger boobs would have been fine but nooo she had to go all out, and her face looks NASTY


I think that Heidi looked better before her surgery. Now she looks like plastic. I agree with G as ahe get older she will start to look like Michael Jackson. No offense to Michael.


So sorry Spencer has drug you down soo far! You are a smart, beautiful woman..Get away from him whie you still can, HE IS SCUM! And if anyone needs plastic surgery you should send him in to get his horse face worked on!


How could she even thing of surgery at such a young age. She was so pretty now she looks scary. Heidi get back to your Christian roots. Hollywood is destroying you.


Heidi I think you looked better B4. I seen a clip of the seoson finale of HILLs and I freaked I thought you kinda looked like the catwomen> You were so Beatiful why mess with the face.


She looks like one of the Stepford Wives, but not in a good way. lol


Heidi: this whole new look is honestly not working for you. your own mother doesnt even like your descision. you were beautiful before, but now you are a zombie. you arent living in reality...you seem to think that this is a good choice, and you want to go in for more surgery?! no your crazy, your going to look like a piece of junk. uggghhh, bad career move.


Heidi, i think that was the stupidest choice of your life. you looked pretty before! NO ONE IS PERFECT.. not even you now. you only look fake! No need for another boob job, they look distgusting already. have a great life living FAKE!


Her stomach looks amazing now, but that is about it. She was much prettier before. Now it is kind of creepy looking at her. Kind of like Carrot Top. Personally, I also think that a smaller boob size would have been great. Shame on Spencer for ever allowing her to think that she needed any of that! Come to think of it, he is probably the one that could have used some work.


How can Heidi be proud of herself? She is a wise woman, you would think, who would have to know that this is wrong! Wasn't there anybody to stop her or send her in therapie??? I really don't think this is the wise way to tell young beautiful girls, like she once was, that natural is not beautiful. Shame on her!


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