Heidi Montag: Before & After Plastic Surgery

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A lot has changed for Heidi Montag between the 2006 MTV Music Awards and then 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Well, basically, two things have changed:

  1. The Hills got even bigger.
  2. Her hills got even bigger.

Montag, the former BFF of Lauren Conrad, made headlines during the second season of the MTV reality hit by essentially severing ties with her best pal and shacking up with the vile, repugnant, greasy, evil, loathsome Spencer Pratt.


Then, in the off-season, her skin was severed on several occasions as Heidi decided she needed a boob job and nose job in a needless attempt to boost her image.

Which Heidi Montag do you prefer?

The picture on the left is post-plastic surgery... and is far uglier than the more natural version on the right, in the opinion of this celebrity gossip site, at least.


she looks better.


She looks like she has sucked down a little too much cocaine, with all those bags under her eyes. As for the plastic surgery, I guess she learned that not even that will make her pretty


Ive always thought she was a 2 faced bitch! She looks even weirder now she just needs to get a life stupid whore.


she lookes better before uggh spencer proboly made her do this cause he is a BIG JERKKKKKKKKK


that boob job looks ridiculous! It looks like some1 grabbed two mini soccer balls & just put them there! They r way too far apart.. YUK! she looked better before


I agree with everyone- def looked better before. I actually think her nose looked better before, too. As to why everyone hates her, just watch the second season of The Hills- and you'll find out.


y does everyone hate her so much??
well anyways..for her surgery she was beautiful b4 and i loved her better..
but the nose is good but the boob she didn't need them..but w.e it's her choice!!!


she looked beautiful before the surgery.
but i must admit her nose doesnt look awful at all. its not much of a difference but its not terrible. HER BOOBS however. WOW. it could just be a bad picture because ive seen other pictures with her new boobs and they looked fine. but she didnt need the boobjob. and it probably was spencer's idea. nice.


Heidi is an idiot!!!!! Maybe she needs to look at her mental state as opposed to her physical state!! To still be going out with the cock-spank Spencer??? She has issues....


she needs to get her money back for that nose job.


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Heidi Montag Boob Job!
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I used to be so strong, I used to be able to do whatever I want, and then I feel like I've been broken down little by little.

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