Heidi Montag: Before & After Plastic Surgery

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A lot has changed for Heidi Montag between the 2006 MTV Music Awards and then 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Well, basically, two things have changed:

  1. The Hills got even bigger.
  2. Her hills got even bigger.

Montag, the former BFF of Lauren Conrad, made headlines during the second season of the MTV reality hit by essentially severing ties with her best pal and shacking up with the vile, repugnant, greasy, evil, loathsome Spencer Pratt.


Then, in the off-season, her skin was severed on several occasions as Heidi decided she needed a boob job and nose job in a needless attempt to boost her image.

Which Heidi Montag do you prefer?

The picture on the left is post-plastic surgery... and is far uglier than the more natural version on the right, in the opinion of this celebrity gossip site, at least.


she looks freakin horrible!! I can't believe that she'd have two boob jobs. The first one was ok but now she looks rediculous. And her nose looked just fine at first but now she looks like a fake wannabe. I liked the old heidi better.


heidi was blessed with natural beauty. i don't see how she felt otherwise. i had my nose & boobs done very young, of course attention is what it boiled down to, whether negative or postive. but my ego was boosted nonetheless. i would go back because the breasts are so superficial feeling sometimes. i like my nose even though i want it done again! eh! heidi looks great either way. she's a pretty girl. <3, savannah, 22, florida


I like the heidi before. She looked so beautiful and natural. The new heidi looks too fake. Who cares about your nose, it looked fine. And the boobs, you are naturally given a pair that looks good on you. She has a small frame and small boobs looked really hot on her, like paris hilton. I am disapointed in her for making her decision. She has to look within to find what it is that makes her insecure. She should not have to copy others around her. Her situation reminds me so much of Michael Jackson.


She looksd horrible, she looked a thousand times better before. So much prettier, so much happier - oh wait, that was probably before Spencer and when she actually had friends


I like whichever one will dance on my pole.


I like heidi before the surgery I still think she's pretty and her breast look to round


She looked so much better before. The boobs look cheap! Her old nose complimented her nice big smile.


she should have been greatful for the way god made her. shes already a beautiful girl and no you dont need big boobs to be sexY look at shakira ! sh seems very vain to me. and th fact that spencer supported it is beyond me. he should love her the way she is and not try to turn her into some fake boobs porno star.


She's smiling way bigger in the before photo...hmmm...speaks for itself huh. I thought she was pretty before anything. Can't say I'd pass up a free boob job though!


You people are weird and just jealous haha, probably fat too.. But I guess that sucks doesn't it?


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