Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Spoiler Alert!

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Readers, beware: some people may be more interested in Harry Potter spoilers than they are in Britney Spears nude pics.

Others, however, would prefer to discover the fate of Harry, Ron and Hermione on their own when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hits bookstores later this summer.

If you fall into the latter camp, STOP READING THIS POST NOW. This is your last warning. Go read about Suri Cruise walking or Paris Hilton feeling sorry for herself or something. Because we're about to reveal the possible ending to the final Harry Potter book...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Are Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows spoilers legitimate? We'll leave that up to you to decide.

A computer hacker that goes by the name "Gabriel" claims he knows how the J.K. Rowling tale will end: Hagrid is killed by Professor Snape during an attempted ambush of Hermione and Ron. The latter two flee, but are surprised by Voldermort... who engages in a magical duel with Hermione, who is killed in order to protect Ron.

In the end, Harry Potter defeats his enemy and Hogwarts becomes safe haven again. But Harry's closest ally pays the ultimate price for it.

So there you have it.

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What a load of dung.


I love the harry potter books and am on the last book and am enjoying it so far.


umm hello??? that is crap hermione and hagrid dont die snape IS NOT evil he seems evil but isnt and enywayz dont read the last book until uve read all the uther books utherwise u wont no wat deathly hallows are or horcruxes or enything like that *SPOILER ALERT!* fred dies!!! ahhhh!! hes like 1 of the most funniest charicters and he is 1 of my favs and also gorge loses an ear!! EWWWW!! LOL also her name is tonks not took lol


I cant wait till the 7th book is a movie!! It should be good to see what they put in the movie.


I thought the books were awesome, and I liked the last one. My fave book out of the seris is a tie between the 5th and 6th ones. I thought it was sad when Tonks, lupin, dobby,snape, and moody, and one of the twins i cant remember i think it was george when they all died it was sad. and when hedwig did that was sad to. Anyways...It was a good book


I Loved Dobby. RIP.
Loved his Gravestone.
"Here Lies Dobby. A Free Elf" He was Brilliant


No no no no
all wrong again.
Harry Twatter and his bloved ginny. Get it on all night long when wolvdemort comes in asking for a 3some. Harry says F*ck off and voldemort kills him. Whille ron and hermione go bumpety bump bump in the next room while hagrid finally comes out of the closet and fingers Snape's bum.
And there you have it folks.
(i actually read the book)


well i got the book and boy wowoow i was like holy cow so heres what happens at some point voldamort goes after harry and theres this small fight between them both and harry was winning but somehow voldemort opens up a rip in space and out spills Thanos with his power of the cosmos and uses his infinite glove and zaps harry and kills him then hides his body and transforms him self to harry and goes back to hogwarts,then puts hermine in a love spell and she goes crazy over snapes and well they do the deed then she kills him,so then thanos uses his power and opens up a rip again in space brings in the hulk so then the hulk gos wild on hogwarts and beats the crap out of everyone and he become the new ruler og hogwarts yea hulk rulesss smash and bash abbby


i cant wait till MIDNIGHT!
omg, the last harry potter book!


well supposedly he is.
on google type in YTMND + HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. on the 4th one down it says dobby dies. click on it and part of DH comes up!