Gisele Bundchen Loves Condoms

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As Katie Price and her loose vagina can attest to, lots of people are having sex these days.

Consequently, Gisele Bundchen has publicly criticized the Roman Catholic Church for its "outdated" view on contraception.

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The Brazilian model - who previously dated Leonardo DiCaprio - believes the church should change its views because "no one is a virgin" anymore and contraception is necessary to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

It's hard to argue that point. Although it could be too late for Lindsay Lohan.

Gisele told Brazil's Folha de S. Paulo newspaper: "Their view of contraception is out of date because it was adopted when the women were virgins, the guys were virgins. Today, no one is a virgin when they get married."

(The Hollywood Gossip note: Jessica Simpson says she was. But she's made up for that with post-marriage banging of at least Adam Levine, Bam Margera and John Mayer.)

"To prohibit condoms is ridiculous, just think of all the diseases transmitted without them. How is it possible to not want people to use condoms and also not have abortions? It's impossible, I'm sorry."

Somewhere (probably from behind a nude Whitney Houston), Ray J is thanking Gisele for these comments. It's like she's helping him sell Trojans.

Bundchen's comments come less than a month after Pope Benedict XVI criticized government-sanctioned abortion laws and birth control during a five-day visit to Brazil, the most highly populated Roman Catholic country in the world.

They also arrive on the heels of her boyfriend, Tom Brady, knocking up his ex, Bridget Moynihan. The All-Pro quarterback could've benefited from these words of wisdom a few months ago.


I have something to tell Tom Brady: "There's always a BAD karma." And to the stupid Gisele Bundchen: "U're just like a piece of TRASH. Victoria's Secret is so damn stupid to be hiring a stupid woman like u! U don't even have boobs. U're completely anorexic, u even look like a man! I'm sure u don't even have brains. Stupid bitch!"


I can not believe that there are people disagreeing with her. I mean this talk about people staying virgins come on are you from the deep south were you stay a virgin until you have sex with your cousin? What she is talking about is women's rights. In case you didn't know AIDS is a disease that primarily affects women. Gee wouldn't contraceptives be a good idea especially in the cases were young women are expected to be sexual partners at young ages in some countries. I totally agree with nadine, I mean read the feminine mystique. We have to support our fellow women instead of pitting eachother against one another. God and abortion rights are womens rights. The pope is a MAN and not everyone is catholic so don't push that stuff on me.


First offf she DUMPED LEO cause he's a HO. Bridget told people she didn't know she was pregnant when she and Brady broke up. How the hell was Gisele supposed to know Bridget was knocked up when Bridget herself didn't know. All you haters are just JEALOUS of her. Not surprising since hating other women is what women do best. women will never rule the world. Guranteed!


um, i'm surprised more people aren't agreeing with her. what Gisele said is all true. i think that women just don't like her because she is thought to be the most beautiful woman in the world, even if you don't agree with that (Rolling Stone gave her that title a few years ago). And, i believe modeling is a real job. I mean if we're saying that selling merchandise for comapnies isn't a real job, then i guess athletes should get a real job too, since they're just playing a game. and for that matter, actors are just pretenders, so..i guess hollywood should think of a new profession also. jealousy is a bitch.


You shouldn't date a guy who's ex is pregnant and who brought her to meet the pope. You are gross Gisele and TOM Brady. Glad you lost. Find it very very funny


I can see why Leo left you. Your a has been model with a bad attiude. Hopefully, Brady will realize the truly ugly side of you and leave you too! Get a real like (and job) because the world doesn't revolve around you!


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