Dina Lohan is a Liar. And an Awful Mother.

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Britney Spears may be a worse mother than Dina Lohan, at least according to readers of The Hollywod Gossip.

But Brit doesn't come close to the terrible parent of Lindsay Lohan when it comes to outright lying.

Dina - the self-proclaimed "White Oprah" - has stated in the past that she's a former Radio City Music Hall Rockette. One problem: she's not.

After an inquiry from The New York Post, a spokeswoman for Radio City called back to say an exhaustive search found no record of Dina Lohan, or Donata Sullivan (her maiden name), ever being a Rockette.

Execs at Cablevision, which owns Radio City, were said to be indignant anyone would claim to be a Rockette who wasn't.

"It's like claiming to have a degree from Harvard when you don't. It's a big deal to be a Rockette," said the source.

So is raising a sex-crazed, alcoholic cocaine user for a daughter. But Dina has gotten away with that so far, too.

Meanwhile, this horrific mother has been caught in other lies, as well. She seems to fib more often than the L.A. Sheriff Department when it releases Paris Hilton from jail. To wit:

Biographies of Dina say she acted on the Broadway stage and in commercials, neither of which are true.

"Look in SAG [the Screen Actors Guild]. Look in AFTRA [American Federation of Televison & Radio Artists]. Dina isn't a member," said a family source. "She never did a Broadway show. She never did ads."

But she did do an atrocious job raising her oldest child, one that makes the fan-tossing actions of Akon seem responsible.


Heya Dina Lindsay.
hay leave them alone u dnt now them or there family so bk of and shut up coz u dnt now wot ur tlkin bt jst coz u read somethin it dnt mean u gt 2 b a BITCH bot it and im always supportin u Lindsay and Dina and Ali and Cody and Michele always luv u ya family always gt my supportin.
Bye Dina Bye Linds. -x-x-x-x-


whoa you people need to calm down... Im sure she just wishes she was an actor...hence pushing her daughter into it.

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