Britney Spears to Mom: Bitch, You Got Served!

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No, she didn't challenge Lynne Spears to a dance-off, a la the hit 2004 film, You Got Served. Though given Britney's physical deterioration, it would be a tough matchup at this point.

Exclusive photos from X17 show Britney Spears handing papers to her mother, Lynne, outside a trailer Thursday, then walking away as Lynne sits on the steps, shocked.

Although one report identified the papers as a restraining order, TMZ now says that Britney Spears actually handed her mother a letter from an out-of-state attorney.

According to TMZ, the letter asks that Lynne stay away from Britney's sons Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 9 months, if she is taking any medications that might cause her to be impaired.

Later, when asked by X17 what the papers were, Lynne Spears joked, "It's a love letter."

Lynne later clarified: "She did not serve me."

Not the way she served J.R. Rotem, at least.

Britney Spears, 25, handed her mother the document on the Valencia, Calif., set where her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, was filming her Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101.

The New York Post reports that the train wreck learned about her estranged mother's whereabouts from paparazzi camped outside her Beverly Hills home.

Britney Spears then drove to Valencia with her sons in tow.

In other Spears news, a source close to Kevin Federline says that the great K-Fed has resisted signing divorce papers due to concern over Britney's post-rehab boozing.

Sources close to the pair also confirm to TMZ that the Britney Spears - Kevin Federline divorce has most definitely not been finalized.

Federline won't sign a final property settlement agreement and is saying that before he does, he wants proof that Britney Spears can handle joint custody.

At the moment, Britney and Kevin have a 50-50 deal where each has the kids for half the time.

So is K-Fed making a money play? Maybe. Is Britney Spears insane? Probably.

What's next? Stay tuned.

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Hey Anti-wife, I def. think it can be done, but there is no shortage of E! True Hollywood Stories for a resoan. I'd like to think I'd handle it all with all the tools in my middle class, do the right thing at all times tool box but I'm not sure it couldn't all get away from a person but you're right, it can be done.Kathy, that's what makes me think her issues are deeper than she just drinks too much. She has the means to portray herself as a responsible person and she can't get it together to even do that not that I'm a shrink or anything Bob, you're right, I'm sure her age plays into things, the way she almost behaves like a pre-adolescent girl instead of even a diva of sorts. I agree it's a very sad story and I hope she gets it together to change the path Beth, I guess it's what we all claim to want at a young age independence, etc. and I guess most of us are lucky enough to have parents or other adults to tell us when we're assholes thanks to all of you for commenting.