Blake Fielder-Civil Blows Nose On the Street, Amy Winehouse Laments Lack of Pre-Nup

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Newlyweds Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are the picture of marital bliss... and giant-squid hair, weird hats, cigarettes and snot rockets.

You know, standard operating procedure ...

Blake Fielder-Civil: Class Act

The lovebirds were spotted outside the Vintage Coffee Shop in Beachwood Canyon, and Amy Winehouse looked on as her classy new husband blew his nose the old-fashioned way - in the street like a peasant.

If the look Amy is giving Blake Fielder-Civil is any indication, she's probably starting to regret the whole surprise wedding... or at least not making him sign a prenup.

She's probably thinking to herself, "This guy blows!" Sorry, that was lame.

Meanwhile, fellow British singing sensation Lily Allen is probably wishing she had a deadbeat husband like this. While hitting the booze hard, of course.

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shit!!!i was doing the same thing too


shit!!i was wondering the same thing...i am virgo myself...and am so glad blake is taurean..i mean that explains their compatibility..
i really get along with taureans...i'm glad i'm not weird and the only one who checks people's zodiac signs..thank you


shit!i was doing the same thing to.....i love knowing people's zodiac signs and judging them by it..i myself am a virgo and if blake is a taurus!!!yeah i love taureans and i am so compatible with them..its good to know i'm not weird and other people check celebrities' zodiac signs too.....


Yes i was wondering the same thing and if he is a Taurus, then that would explain the chemistry between the pair. i hope they sort out their problems ;o)


omg ! haha im so glad to hear im not the only one who's into doing that. i have a thing about knowing peoples signs too. i feel like i could read them better.


omg ! haha im so glad to hear im not the only one who's into doing that. i have a thing about knowing peoples signs too. i feel like i could read them better.


Blake Fielder-Civil I believe is a Taurus, I read in an article that his Birthday was three days after the 19th of April, which would make him so.


Me too!


Lol, I too am wondering the same thing girls


I was wondering the same thing.