Baby's First Steps: Adorable Suri Cruise Pictures

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Call Tom Cruise a couch-jumping loon all you like. We sure will!

Or joke that Suri Cruise looks Asian, and may not be Tom's kid. We'll do that too.

Suri Cruise Finds Holiday Cheer

Heck, go on and rip Katie Holmes' robotic nature and Victoria Beckham haircut all you like, as well. Our celebrity gossip staffers will do so until blue in the collective face.

But there's no disputing the cuteness of the photos below, in which TomKat and its TomKitten took a trip to France for a friend's wedding. That is one happy family.

 Check out these precious Suri Cruise pictures...

It was a long day for Suri Cruise, having taken her first public steps. Hey, who can blame the little tyke for being tuckered out and wanting to chill for a while in Tom Cruise's arms.

Like just about every female celebrity with a significant other, Katie Holmes is rumored to be pregnant. She says she's not, though, and that's okay with us... as long as we keep finding Suri photos like these. That will tide us over a while.

* sniff *


Is your family in France in the above pic? (Suri, Mr. & Mrs. Cruise, near a swimming pool) Nice pictures, first time I got to see you all together in photos.


Suri has nose Tom Cruise.Shiloh is cutest baby


why do other people always saying that???
suri cruise is katie and tom's daughter...
suri is so cute and adorable...
she got her dad's eyes and nose from her mother...
hehe i love suri,shiloh,knox and vivienne..
but i admit it suri is cuter than shilohbut i love them both...


you heat arab word why ? we love you very much but now we dont love you
thank you


she is so cute...little gurl,sweet face,cute smile..:) suri is so lucky to having tom and katie as her parents.... :)


I have read many of the comments about Suri Cruise people have left, and I am floored by how ignorant some people can be. Suri is for sure Tom and Katie's child. One of the comments I read said that Suri is not cute anymore, and that her cuteness peaked at 6 months. That's crazy !!!!! This little girl is off the charts adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder Gap wanted her to model their clothes.


Why do people are so stupid?? Suri is absolutely Tom and Katie´s little girl ¡ For God´s sake stop saying nonsenses ¡ she is a healthy and beautiful baby, just like their parents.
Envy hurts only those people who feel it ¡

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