Another Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey Sighting!

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The fact that Matthew McConaughey isn't wearing a shirt below doesn't even excite us anymore. Even that hot body can get old.

But he's once again holding the hand of Camila Alves, the Brazilian model he was rumored to have married a few weeks ago.

McConaughey Clan

While we can't confirm if that's true, we can officially state that this is one hot couple. These two make Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag look downright ugly. Although the evil souls within that pairing from The Hills may also play a role in such a classification.

For now, though, we'll dub Alves and McConaughey as the best looking couple in Hollywood. Sorry, Kellie Pickler and Jordin Tootoo. You gotta step it up.

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He is still the best looking man alive gay or not! But if he is gay then he should just come out! I wouldn't think any different of him.


Maybe he is bisexual. He thinks that he is Gods gift. Guess again Matthew.


What about his family history??? I think he is a very smart individual and hadsome individual. He is a southern boy and has made something of himself, I don't see anyting wrong with that. What about your family history mimi?


Come on people he is way overrated besides being a weirdo that doesn't use deodorant! GROSS! Yes he is a fine speciman of a man but dang at least get it together. I feel sorry for her becasue as soon as she is in the spot light more than he is she will be gone for another!


I really wish people would grow up! This is why I dont hang out with immature people! Give me a break! Leave people alone! Worry about your own lifestyle and get a clue!


Camilla, get back in your box. What the hell do you know anyway. You go Mattie, you gorgeous thing you !!!!!


Yes, Matthew is hot, but he should have married Penelope Cruz. She is much more beautiful.


I'm sure she's just a friend.
Notice how once the rumors started with Lance they haven't been together as much.
Don't you think they were told by their publicity people to lay low for a while and be seen with women? I DON'T CARE what he is but you don't do eveything with a buddy and then just never see him again! So what if he is gay? It's not the end of the world!


Yes, I agree. Matthew McConaughey is TOTALLY gay. So is George Clooney.


Matthew M. has lots of women "on his arm" to show the world he's straight, which he is NOT. He's as gay as you can get.