Akon Throws Fan Off Stage, Police Investigating

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This time, he did more than smack that.

He frickin' threw that. Clear off the stage.

Akon and Michael Jackson

Alleged musician Akon may face police questioning after he chucked a fan from the stage into the crowd during a concert... an incident he can't really deny, since it's documented on video. See below.

Detective Lt. John Berlingieri of the Fishkill, N.Y., Police said officers were looking for the young man at the Sunday concert who was plucked from the audience by a security guard, directed up to the stage, then literally thrown back into the crowd by Akon, the Poughkeepsie Journal reports.

"We're trying to identify that kid, just to find out whether or not we have any kind of criminal offense," Berlingieri told the paper.

"We are looking to speak to him. No victim. No crime."

The fan-tossing took place at WSPK (104.7 FM)'s annual KFEST concert after someone in the crowd threw an object past Akon. A video showing the man being hurled from the stage has widely circulated on the Internet.

Reps for the collaborator of Gwen Stefani and Snoop Dogg, among others, couldn't be immediately be reached for comment.

This was the latest controversy involving the oft-troubled singer, whose Konvicted album has sold more than 1 million copies.

He lost his concert sponsor, Verizon, after another video hit the Internet showing Akon simulating sex acts with a 14-year-old girl in Trinidad at a concert of his.

There's another side to this jailbait tale, of course.

The girl, later identified as Danah Alleyne, was discovered on MySpace, and found to have lied about her age to get into the show... and by the looks of some of the racy photos of the incident, appeared to enjoy the special Akon "treatment."

Anyway. Here's the video of Akon throwing the fan off stage, including the prelude to the toss, as well clips of the launch from multiple angles ...



Lol, Akon threw someone off a stage into a crowd. It's basically the same as someone crowd surfing into a crowd. I sincerely doubt he would even be hurt. If he wanted to hurt him he would have attacked the guy and punched him or had his security attack him not picked him up and thrown him. Anyone who complains about this being a criminal act is silly. He served a 3 year sentence for stealing a car. WOW, THAT"S SUCH A HORRIBLE VIOLENT CRIME. NO SUCH INDIVIDUAL IS FIT TO LIVE IN SOCIETY!!!! Lol, idiocy. People drip it from their ears.


It was not that serious ... I can assume that Akon was just kidding when he threw him off the stage. Akon is a pretty reasonable guy if he thought the kid would have been hurt he would have never done it. The media including this site is making the situation bigger than what it is. Get a life, leave him alone, he's famous and your not. Is this the best way you could try to get there? get over yourself .. and akon. xOxO...


This is what happens when you mainstream prison culture. This man was arrested for a serious crime. His lyrics drip with violence and he takes it to the next level by behaving in violently with impunity in public. Yet this radio station invited him to come on in and apparently didn't do anything to stop this from happening. Akon is a disturbed individual. Just because he has a record contract doesn't mean he's not a ciminal. What About Our Daughters


This bitch needs to be sent back to prison! GWEN get rid of your controvesial opener - he's killing your positivity!


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