A Battle of Beauties: Megan Fox vs. Angelina Jolie

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Megan Fox is starring in the movie Transformers this summer.

But it looks to us as though this gorgeous actress is trying to transform herself in the Angelina Jolie in the meantime.

The seductive look. The shoulder blade tattoo. The attraction to Brad Pitt (what, Megan Fox is female, right?).

Megan Fox is an up and coming actress... one that's trying to resemble Angelina Jolie in every way possible.

Does this mean Fox will be adopting a brood of foreign kids any time soon? Or shedding her clothes like the Angelina of yesteryear (and the Tila Tequila of this year) in every film? It's hard to say for sure.

But Paul Sculfor wanna hide in the closet for a bit. If Fox is truly trying to emulate Jolie, no boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston is safe.


i Dislike Both Girls. Anjelina Jolie is An Ugly Freaky Skank. And Megan Fox is a Straight Up Bitch. But i Don't Think Megan Fox is Trying To Look Like Anjelina Jolie ... Who Would ?


Angelina jolie 4ever your a stupid slut you piece of shit I would do any thing for megan you are a stupid skank and you wishe you were as great looking as her u retard u are just a stupid hore that wishes you hade megans amazing bod gorgeous face u dirty slut your probably a fat ugly cow that nobody likes and sits in there room all day looking for beautiful looking women to be jealous of you dirty skank hire slut piece of shit so duck off I love u megan


Megan fox es hermosa, no como la fea y vieja de Angeina jolie que no tiene nada de belleza!!!!!!


Atleast Fox isn't a homewrecker. I used to have so much respect for Jolie, until she messed around with a married man. What kind of example is that? Honestly. Fox is doing her own thing. & don't say she's ugly because she wears makeup, you probably look like a grade A piece of shit without makeup too.


i'll pass on two of each for one salma hayek. megan is attractive, but a little more artificial than angelina. angelina's lips are too full for my taste. salma - now there we have unrivaled, seductive beauty.


Well if Angie would go back to eating and have that beautiful luscious body again instead of being a twig, she wouldnt even have much to fear. but now Megan has the hot body. Maybe Angie should eat a sandwich and she would be okay


I'm not really a fan of either but Angelina Jolie is doing great things. Megan Fox seems to have a bad attitude in interviews and stuff.


Angelina has been and always will be better than Megan I admit that megan is very talented and attractive but Angie is better megan steals her poses like showing off her tattoo in her shoulder while turning her head around and raising her eyebrow and angies lips their amazing and REAL! Megan got collagen and how she claimed she was hotter and that Angie was ancient I read that in the OMG.com website, please she's pretty but she copies Angie she dosnt want to admit it but she does Angie has her own style and megan just copies it she talks about how she's nothing compared to Angie she gets mad when people compare her but I mean cmon how can we not when you guys look alike so much, both of you guys are succsessful and beautiful but Angie even thought she's older she's better.


They are both beautiful women.
Angie = Classic look.
Megan = Sleazy, on your face kind of look.
Compares Angie and Megan, just like compares Marilyn M. and ANna Nicole Smith.
One is original and another is wannabe.

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