A Battle of Beauties: Megan Fox vs. Angelina Jolie

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Megan Fox is starring in the movie Transformers this summer.

But it looks to us as though this gorgeous actress is trying to transform herself in the Angelina Jolie in the meantime.

The seductive look. The shoulder blade tattoo. The attraction to Brad Pitt (what, Megan Fox is female, right?).

Megan Fox is an up and coming actress... one that's trying to resemble Angelina Jolie in every way possible.

Does this mean Fox will be adopting a brood of foreign kids any time soon? Or shedding her clothes like the Angelina of yesteryear (and the Tila Tequila of this year) in every film? It's hard to say for sure.

But Paul Sculfor wanna hide in the closet for a bit. If Fox is truly trying to emulate Jolie, no boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston is safe.


I think that chick from 90210, Jessica Stroup, beats both of these chicks. But between these two, I pick Angelina. Megan Fox copies Angelina and she's a total dumbass, and a really bad actress. She acts all tough and bad ass when really, she's just a shy, fake loser, and I hate how she used the "retard" when she was talking about how she "resents proving to people" that she isn't one. I know people who are actually functioned that way, and that is just disrespectful when she used it.


I dunno, I think Megan is gorgeous but the more I hear about her, she seems to get ugeilr in my eyes, Jessica has a beautiful body though but Megan seems more womanly. Also Megan wears too much makeup imo.I prefer Miranda Kerr she's gorgeous and natural yet has great curves =o)


Megan's surgery makes her fake, angelina is so natural beauty, you can't say that agelina is getting older cz one day we will all of us so shut the fuck up you jalous bitches.
i think megan without surgeries she will no be famous as she is right now, i love the look of both of them.
And both of them are married to a guy who is already married before so you can't judge one of them.
megan+ surgery= prettier than angie
megan-surgery= normal, and not pretty as angie
God create us like he wants and every girl has her beauty and should be thankful for that we can't change our faces by plastic surgeries this is like changing the creativity of god.


all u bitches r just jealous okay, none of yaz are these women . lmfao


I do love Angelina Jolie! No one can replace her in ma mind. She's way better than Fox. Peace out Megan's fans.


Ok before anyone judges Angelina Jolie. She is so intelligent and thoughtful. Also, if this is a poll to see who is prettier remember that Megan fox's face has DEFINATELY been changed and she looked like any other teenager. and THIS is what Angelina Jolie has always looked like. http://topnews.in/light/files/...


there both pretty, enough said


angelina looks like a crack whore & megan fox is pretty but she also surgically altered too. I've seen catalog models & everyday girls in real life that are way prettier than megan fox. Her Aqua blue eyes & injected pout make her look sexy. Those could be contacts & lip injections do wear off. Angelina's lips are ugly in shape & too big period.


nice sexy pic want


Jolie FTW. Fox is trying too hard, and it shows. Jolie is considered one of the most perfect women on Earth and she doesn't have to cake herself with make up or say stupid, wannabe-sexy things to prove it.

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