Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Photo Sparks Ridicule

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Ben Affleck is rolling over in his grave.

We feel his pain, too. Given the heated Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, one needn't be a Beantown native to gauge the local reaction when another of its sports icons struts around wearing the colors of the hated New York squad.

It's Bundchen, Baby

It was no surprise to The Hollywood Gossip, then, that this recent photo of Tom Brady sporting a Yankees cap in NYC (below) sparked such controversy.

Think about it. Do you see Kristin Cavallari walking around Hollywood wearing Lauren Conrad hats? We think not. It's pretty suspect on Brady's part. But all loyalties aside, this incriminating Brady photo begs several more pressing questions:

  1. Why is he wearing one of those trendy, long, metrosexual shirts?
  2. Why is he carrying a frickin' purse?

Leave the purse-carrying and fashion-forwardness to Gisele Bundchen, okay, Tom? You look pretty damn ridiculous. And please, ditch the stupid hat, you traitor, before Bridget Moynahan decides never to let you see your baby. 


3/3/08 Hey stoopid people! Ever thought she wanted to get preggers so she could keep him and that didn't work! went together for 3 years and all of sudden with child. Duh! Let her raise her son with his big bucks since life sucks with no Tom. Tom & Giselle are happy for now! and maybe longer. Stop the hating! ALREADY.


I think if you look in the dictionnary for the word HYPOCRITES right under it will be AMERICANS. For a bunch of people who obsesses over a skanky town like hollywood, you have a lot of nerve getting on your holier than thou soap box preaching to Gisele. What has she done? date a guy who's ex announced to a tabloid that she was pregnant while HE'S OUT OF TOWN WITH HIS CURRENT GIRFRIEND. You're actually dumb enough to think that announcement was accidental? It was designed to get exactly those reactions. Another words, YOU'VE BEEN SUCKERED; MORONS. So put the stones down you bunch of pharissees .


Fast forward 12 years--John hates going to school because he is teased about all those bra and panty shots of his stepmother. Fast forward 20 yeras-- John has no time for Tom or his grandfather because he hardly knoes them and built his relationship with the daddy and family that were present. Neither Tom or Gisele is so hot any more and their careers are long over. Whose happy now?


So Brady doesn't want to be a father / dad?
Ok. Maybe some families are better of without those dads who don't really want to be dads.
But Brady's behaviour and Gis behaviour during the pregnancy was such a low blow and such a lack of civilised behaviour.
It seemed as if Tom really believed that HE did NOT have S. ... X. Disgusting. Ridiculous. Not social.
Who has s_x has to be aware of unplanned pregnancies.
Who has s_x has to stand in for unplanned pregnancies. And don't ask about whose 'guilt' it was.
It is not about guilt but about taking responsibility for A.L.L. things you do.


Can't make someone stay with you because you're pregnant. It's obvious that wasn't part of Tom's plan. The poor child has to suffer because of her stupidity.


u guys r a bunch of lunatics!!! So the guy didn't want to be a dad, but it doesn't mean he wouldn't still be a father, he can choose whether or not he wants to be involved. I'm not saying it's the rite thing to do but guess what he can choose. Goddd!!!




The baby was born 8/23/07 & they split 12/06, which means she was pregnant before they split. She didn't find out after unless she didn't check her clock. I think they broke up because of her being pregnant. Since there are NO pictures of Tom & the baby, I don't think he wanted to be a father & maybe thought dumping her would make her have an abortion. Good for her! Raise the baby on your own, since Tom is too busy playing boyfriend to Gisele. She is not at all pretty. She's plain & very skinny, too skinny. Brigette is way prettier. I think the title of Victoria's secret model just went to his head. Heidi khlum looks better & she's had 3 kids! No pictures (of Tom with the baby) are worth a thousand words. He's denying his child for the sake of Gisele and it will come back to bite him in the butt. That kid is absolutely adoreable & has Tom's eyes. How could he?


Huh!! What's Tom doing with that cap on! This is just wrong. Don't think I'm not going to call him on this when he's back in Boston!


i love gisele and tom they are the best you guys need to stop hating on them[please think] gisele is the best and so is tom. if he doesnt want to be with bridget why should he just for a baby thats not love

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