Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Photo Sparks Ridicule

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Ben Affleck is rolling over in his grave.

We feel his pain, too. Given the heated Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, one needn't be a Beantown native to gauge the local reaction when another of its sports icons struts around wearing the colors of the hated New York squad.

It's Bundchen, Baby

It was no surprise to The Hollywood Gossip, then, that this recent photo of Tom Brady sporting a Yankees cap in NYC (below) sparked such controversy.

Think about it. Do you see Kristin Cavallari walking around Hollywood wearing Lauren Conrad hats? We think not. It's pretty suspect on Brady's part. But all loyalties aside, this incriminating Brady photo begs several more pressing questions:

  1. Why is he wearing one of those trendy, long, metrosexual shirts?
  2. Why is he carrying a frickin' purse?

Leave the purse-carrying and fashion-forwardness to Gisele Bundchen, okay, Tom? You look pretty damn ridiculous. And please, ditch the stupid hat, you traitor, before Bridget Moynahan decides never to let you see your baby. 


It's embarrassing that I know this, but I'm tpetry sure that Bridget was pregnant when Tom started dating Gisele, and I remember some discussion about whether it was nice or tacky for Gisele to send Bridget a baby gift (for Bridget's baby sired by the man Gisele was by then attached to). If my biology and math line up, that suggests Tom started dating Gisele less nine months after splitting with Bridget. As I recall, he apparently didn't yet know that Bridget was pregnant, and she wasn't in a hurry to tell him. So he doesn't seem to have been a complete cad.Don't much care about the football, though.


ay live you tommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my turkish derya ay live you gisele


What a hunk Tommy is. I would do him in a heartbeat.


You guys makes me sick
I know that the most of you is a fat girl who eats Mc Donald's everyday and can not buy clothes on Dolce & Gabanna. Than you comes home and eats Häagen-Dazs while you watches E!News waiting for something different, but no, the model of the millennium is there again for Christian Dior, backstage of Tifanny & Co, pictures for Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabanna's commercial. She is the big deal and you are the big looser ;) XOXO with millions, millions and millions.


He's too hott for her Giselle anyway.


Alot of you people are so mean saying all these horrible things about Tom and Gisele. Ya they might be celebrities but that doesnt give people the right to put them down the way alot of you are doing. They have feelings just like the rest of us. They are people just like the rest of us. What ever they do in there private lives is there business and people should stop obsessing over their lives and start worrying about your own. Seriously how would you people react if you found a website like this and people were talking bad about you and saying all these ridiculous things about you? I bet you wouldn't like it.
Now im not saying what they are doing is right. I am just saying that whatever problems they have are there own business and people should stay out of it.


I have something to tell Tom Brady: "There's always a BAD karma." And to the stupid Gisele Bundchen: "U're just like a piece of TRASH. Victoria's Secret is so damn stupid to be hiring a stupid woman like u! U don't even have boobs. U're completrely anorexic, u even look like a man! I'm sure u don't even have brains. Stupid bitch!"


Hi Kathy,
Why does Tom need to speak about his child to strangers? That is his PERSONAL life, and his choice as to whether or not he wants to discuss his child. I'm sure you know how it is, with your being famous and all. I'm sure you would be so quick to spew out all of the details of your personal life to complete strangers. Strangers who criticize every move, and knock you down. Disrespectful? Are you kidding me? People often take words the wrong way, and are so often misconscrued as something other than what was intended. Again, GET OFF your high horse, and GET A LIFE. You all must be miserable people, to sit here and put down other people, whom you don't know, and don't know their circumstances. ENOUGH ALREADY!


Hi NP,
You think you are so clever in writing your little rant. I wasn't aware that anyone knew every single American. There are hypocrites from every country, from every race, not just America. Why don't you get off your high horse and smell the sh*t you spew from your ignorant mouth. You also need to GET A LIFE.


Lynn, First of all, we are called Bostonians, not Bostonites. Second, It is bizarre that Tom would be wearing a Yankees hat, but then again I'm sure he has friends from all over, so not that weird. Third, how the hell do you that Tom Brady is a loser? I suppose you are related? Right, that is what I thought. Why don't you stop hating on people you don't know. You apparently do not like yourself, and have no self esteem. Otherwise, you would find something nice to say, or just not say anything at all. GET A LIFE.

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