The Price is Right for Gabrielle Tuite

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We give thanks everyday to FHM. It introduced us to Diana Chiafair a few months ago.

Now, it's profiling one of The Price is Right beauties, Gabrielle Tuite. As you can see in the pictures below, we have no idea how Bob Barker is walking away from this model and the show. Let's see what she has to say about it...

Who should take over the hosting duties?
We've tested a couple of people. It's a hard job. They're going to have some big shoes to fill. Bob has it down, he doesn't even need to rehearse. The host who replaces Bob will have to have a lot of patience and personality. I have to stay politically correct, but if it were up to me, it would be me!

Rumor has it George Hamilton is being considered.
Yeah. Right now it's very much up in the air. There's a guy Mark Steines from Entertainment Tonight who they've been taking a pretty good look at.

The Hollywood Gossip note: We've been taking a good look at Holly Madison nude... if you know what we mean!

What's Bob Barker really like?
I know everybody wants to hear something bad or scandalous, but he is the most amazing, humble, goodhearted man you will ever meet. He's an absolute sweetheart and as funny and witty as you could imagine.

Does he have final pick on who gets to be Barker's Beauties?
I have heard that, yes. He's been there for 35 years, so he kind of runs the show.

The Hollywood Gossip note: Sort of like how Shar Jackson will soon be running her own reality show. Scary thought, we know.


Who has been the most intense fan that you've seen?
There was one guy who was actually very aggressive. He played Plinko and he came down the steps and asked me to kiss the chip, asked Bob to kiss the chip - he was funny. He was actually jumping all over me! We're usually so focused on what we're doing: playing the game, looking for the cameras, looking for lights, we don't really get to focus on Bob and the contestants.

As much as fans love Bob Barker, they must become obsessed with you ladies. Do you get weird fan mail?
Oh we do, we do. Everything from people taking still images of your feet to greeting cards with my picture. Obviously we receive a lot of crazy proposals and strange offers.

Speaking of crazy, how about that Britney Spears?!? She's a few locks short of a full head of hair.


Will Gabrielle Tuite ever come back on the Price is Right?


I watch TPIR daily I feel that the girls are a superior collection of what fine women should be. And although
Gwendolyn has control of my heart; Gabrielle who is one of the only women I have seen actrually glow: Is only a close second in the case, but stands alone among any others.


She is one beautiful model and can't wait to see her again. It is TPIR lost and someone else's gain.


She is back in the price is right show ,she is on right now looking gorgeous , it says in some website that she did PLAYBOY is that true? google does not have her naked pics


I haven't seen Gabrielle on the Price is Right for a while. Is she still on the show? If not what is she doing now? Just wondering. Thanks


How are things working out for you and the PIR crew with Drew? An easy transition or not? He looks more comfortable with each new game played. Best of luck to all. Happy Holidays!


Jus' a hello G, been a very long time. Touch bases when your life allows you a moment to sit down and take a few deep breaths. I'm not very hard to find if you actually wanted to say hello to an old friend.


Nasty women with wonky faces from standing in too many wind tunnels.


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