The Paris Hilton MySpace Appeal

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If Paris Hilton were looking for time off from her jail sentence for proper spelling, well, that would be really odd.

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    This is old rehashed "news"...Bloggers are idiots..


    I think she should serve time for what she did. because you know what, if she wasn't rich, and was just a simple plain girl from the sticks and she was still drinking and driving she would have gotten a hella lot more than what she did cause of who she is. also, not only could she have killed her self, but she could have killed an innocent life on the road. My Sister died from a stupid drunk driver hitting her at a red light. when it should have been the driver who hit her. he should have died. and paris should die too or get life in prison where the inmates there could make her a b!tch. what she is.


    I hope after all is said and done, that she will never drink and drive again. I along with my two young children were in an accident with a very drunk driver and thanks to god survived. Alot of people are not so lucky. Maybe next time she drinks she can get a cab or limo.


    Wake up before it's too late. If you were in another country you would have been put away long before this. Quit the crying and quit hiding behind your inherited money and name. Your no spring chicken so grow up. I'd be ashamed having a daughter like you, but your a product of your upbringing. Your parents should be ashamed of themselves for what you have become. I have a daughter who is beautiful, smart and contributes to society. I hate to burst your bubble but you are really homely looking. You remind be of a lizard, tiny close set eyes and a weird long nose. Give up the posing for the cameras it's old stuff, grow up and get a REAL LIFE.


    I don't think that Paris should go to jail. There are alot of people who only get fines, probation,community service etc.What she did was wrong but I think jail is way to harsh of a sentence.


    who cares if she's famous, PARIS HILTON IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW


    hi all
    she dosen't desreve this
    PARIS HILTON can't go to the jail cz she is PARIS HILTON


    Another thing Im not here to check your spelling Im here to leave a comment so if you dont like my spelling to bad deal with it


    All I have to say is that if there is no room for her in jail they should make it..!! cuz I know people that even if jails didnt have space for them they will make them sleep in the floor on a mattres but they wouldnt give them the chance of going home in a few hours. So who the hell they think she is, a princes or something (I dont think so) I bet u that if the people that are placing good comments for her not to go to jail were in her position she wouldnt even waste her time placing a comment for ya so she should be punished for what she did she is a person just like every one else so f that b**** Paris should go to Jail



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