The Hollywood Gossip Readers Speak: Asia Nitollano is Talented, a Bad Mother, Other Things

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Readers of The Hollywood Gossip are not afraid to voice their opinions. And we thank each and every one of you for that. Some of the issues you feel the strongest about are:

Greg Laswell rules.

Simon Monjack sucks.

One celebrity about whom voices are mixed, however, is new Pussycat Dolls member Asia Nitollano. Many of you think she's a great addition to the group. Others lament that Melissa was not chosen as winner of the reality competition that crowned the newest Doll.

While you decide on which side you stand - and controversy swirls over whether or not Asia will ever sing with the group - read a few of the reader comments left by those that have already made up their minds...

KALIMAH writes: I think that it is jacked up what they are saying about Asia. She won that contest fair and square. The girl has talent and she worked so hard. She deserves a record deal rather it be with the pussy cat dolls or solo. You dont fulfill someone's dream then take it away without a valid excuse.

TAMARA writes: all i got to say is that maybe they don't think shes fits becaause she looks and acts like the lead singer… i honestly think she'd be a better leader then [Nicole Scherzinger]…

supeRr-cOokiie writes: MELISSA SHOULD'VE WON! although she did look abit like nicole. melissa was hell good. i think she is a pussy cat doll! i didnt like asia! she was so mean! and chelsea was alright. but melissa should've won! PCD is just.. not cool anymore. lol.

KRISTIE writes: asia is a bad mother if she leave her daughter to go on tour she has a responsability now its not all about her!!!!!1 i feel sorry for her daughter having a mother like her. i wont be buying any albums if she is in them!!!!!!

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Wow, that's harsh. Wonder how Kristie feels about the fact that Britney Spears hasn't seen Jayden James in two or six months.

SARA MAY writes: I think that Melissa R should have won, she is a better singer and dancer, and she sims to come along with other girls better. I have also read that in the next season they are looking for members to form a new group, inspired by the pussycat dolls.

JEFF LOVES ASIA writes: Asia was the best pick for the Dolls, shes hot shes a great singer and that girl can dance. Chelsea tried to be too much like Christina Aguilera, if she wants to be her go sing back up with her or something. and Melissa R. was a good singer but she didn't make a good doll. Asia's got that sparkle.

So there you have it, celebrity gossip lovers. A mixed bag of opinions if there ever were any.

Write in and let us know where you stand on Asia. While you're at it, feel free to chime in on the Holly Madison vs. Carmella DeCesare nude debate, as well.


i don't know asia or anything, but calling her a bad mother because she is trying to have her dream is just dumb. she clearly loves her daughter she talked about her and cryed because she missed her all the time. im sure she will make time for her. and if she disen't get a record deal, the hole pussy cat doll this is bull, they were told thwy would, so they try out, they winner should damn well get one. or that is totally messed up. you rock asia!


asia won melissa was a hater the girl who won should have melissa suks!


As a friend of Asia's i know that this has been a lifelong dream. She came into this compitition with her head held high and confidence in herself, she wo this cpomition fare and square. If she was as bad as everyone is saying the judges would have cut her they obviously seen a spark within and gave it time to turn into a raging fire that nobody could stop. And to give her the dream that she earned then to snatch it away from her would be one of the most inhuman thing to ever do!


Stop judging people of what you dont know. She has a cute daught. You people shouldn't be saying stuff like that. Asia has a good voice, great dancer. Chelease and Mel.R were great too. Asia can improve and do better..All yuh people need to stop hating. Srry buh yeah.


ok firstly pplz are just wrong in saying that asia is a bad mother, you cant judge her on that becuase u aint in her position, lots of stars leave their children at home and go on tour how many stsrs do you know that have children (and their children arnt always with them) asia was all round a better performer mel R was very good but she didnt demand the attention the way that asia did i think she is just 2 cute (as in bby cute) when it comes to vocals chelsea - her voice was amazing asia - her voice could be better but there is one point i have to make how many times do you hear carmit sing or jessica sing only nicole sings and melody does a lil sutten sutten da girls will only be backing and dancing. to finish ma essay
asia is a great performer and she fits in with the pussycat dolls


where is asia i was looking 4ward to it


The only reason asia won the compititon is because Robin took in consideration that she has a daughter and Melissa should have won !


Asia was the best dancer...although chelsea was the best singer Asia was more fit 4 the group and about Asia being a bad mother is so not true if you think about it her fame would give her daughter a better life. It was not selfish of her 2 think of her daughter and herself. She is trying 2 give her what she never had. Besides ASIA WAS THE BEST


ok when it sayd by asia lover and then had the same message under it that is me but i didnt put my full name but the secand time i did


Ok seriously People get over it asia was clearly the best , yes Her voice wasnt as strong but she was the best dancer and that is mainly what the pussycat dolls are about … Being SEXY , if you havent noticed. so get over it asia won fair and square like it should have been and if you dont like it that is your problem because she is in it and you cant stop that so GET OVER IT she is good and I am glad she won. To be wonest I was cheering for Jaime and then I realised that Asia was everything the Pussycat dolls are and more she is a great mother to her child even if she did leave her to be with the pussycat dolls it wasa chance ofa life time and you probly would have done the same thing and she was safe with ehr grandmother but you could tell duringthe show when she started crying that at times she regreted coming because she missed her daughter so much. well she won and now she is probly making up for the time she missed and this probly did alot for they're family.