The Hollywood Gossip Fashion Police: Pull Over, Rose McGowan

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You don't see Nicole Richie wearing cut-off shirts, do you?

And you don't wonder why Mary-Kate Olsen dresses like a hobo, right?

Mya Fashion Choice

Say what you want about these shrinking celebrities - and we typically do - but at least they know not to flaunt what they don't have; i.e. a visible body.

When it comes to celebrity fashion, Richie, Olsen and most other famous anorexics cover up their gaunt figures as best they can. Apparently, Rose McGowan didn't get this memo.

We know she's dating Robert Rodriguez now, so the actress doesn't need to impress men with her looks at the moment - but why wear a dress that specifically bares the curves you don't have? We're sorry, Rose, but exposed ribs are far from sexy.

This isn't the first time McGown has shown too much, either. She wore nothing at all on the cover of Rolling Stone a few months ago.

But at least we had Rosario Dawson nude along her side to distract us in that case.

In the photo above, we're left with nothing but McGowan and her permanently sucked in gut. It almost makes us wanna look at disgusting, posed pictures of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt instead.



Come on you gossip Queens of Mean. Is critisim all you can find to help you feel better about yourself? I think she's still "HOT". Post a picture of yourselves and let us judge you. She's got the curves and we all got ribs. Who want's to see blubber? At least she don't have to hide her cellulite. We all age. She looks great for all she's been through. GO ROSE.


i love her from charmed before but i never knew what she could'ev become!


wow thats rose? i dont even recognize her!

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