Tameka Foster Ushers Out Fiance's Mother?

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Tameka Foster is taking over.

First, of course, the stylist is forcing Usher to take her hand in marriage... despite the fact that she's pregnant with another man's baby! The nerve.

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Now, reports are surfacing that Foster is forcing her man to fire the woman that's been his manager from the beginning: Jonetta Patton, aka his very own mother.

"They definitely don't get along," says one source of Mama Usher and Foster, who is ten years older than the R&B superstar and who left her husband for him.

But who would replace Patton as Usher's manager? Tameka, of course. No wonder execs at Jive Records are concerned. Foster knows as much about music as Keira Knightley knows about eating.

For now, this is just making the celebrity gossip rounds. The story may not be true. But if it is, we know one thing for sure:

Other fiances, such as François-Henri Pinault - and Ryan Piers Williams once he actually commits - would never act like this.


usher baby i love you and am so hurt because you should had lestin to your mom first than after get married, that a shame on tameka because you know that she older, than you so um make your choice of what you going to do not but you, and listen to usher your self not any body else but you okey. I LOVE BUT MAKE SOME GOOD THOUGHTS BABY.


It's just a shame usher would marry someone like this. Everyone had such high expectations for him. How could he dissapoint his fans like that! Danm!!


well i really hope that this isnt true because i know that usher would be really hurt but this is her fourth child maybe she should slow down.


i think this is a very bad thing and i feel that Usher should think this through properly and think about what hes doing first.
Ande i dont want to pass bad judgement but if this is really true Tameka Foster should be ashamed of herself.

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