Tameka Foster, Engagement Ring (and Usher) Go for a Walk

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Tameka Foster is sporting some impressive company these days.

Just look at that rock on her finger! Oh, and that's fiance Usher walking alongside the stylist, too.

Tameka Picture

Despite receiving harsh rebukes from fans, Tameka doesn't look phased. Many readers of The Hollywood Gossip have compared Foster with Heather Mills, accusing her of marrying Usher just for his money (and killer abs, of course).

But why is Tameka on the receiving end of such criticism? While other famous fiancees, such as Alexis Phifer get off with nothing but congratulatory phone calls? It may have something to do with the fact that Foster is pregnant ... but not in the typical, loving way someone such as Elisabeth Hasselbeck is.

Instead, Tameka is carrying the child of her ex-husband. That's always awkward. And leads some to believe she is simply desperate for a (preferably rich) man in her life.

But who are we to judge? The Hollywood Gossip didn't accuse Katie Rees of getting involved in some serious girl-on-girl action just because she craved attention and was filled with insecurities.

So we're not gonna say a negative word about Foster and Usher now. We wish them the best.

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usher im happy 4 u cuz i listened 2 yo cd and u can tell dat u really care 4 yo son and yo wife and sense im yo #1 fan imma hav 2 respect dat i lov u and alwayz will so wateva makes u happy makes me happy 2 LOV U UR #1 FAN 4 LIFE NO MATTA WAT!




I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Let Usher be happy with his new bride. If everything is a big hocus pocus than it will come out later. (With the blood test) Everyone deserves to have someone to love, who cares if she looks like a man, Usher loves her! Those are my two cents.


u r such a fine and young man and u marry a woman thats yo motha age and she already has 3 kids by sumbody else and plus she looks older then yo momma and u shoulda stayed with chile but u jus had 2 go and cheat which cuz chile iz young and only got 1 child but u marry sumone that got 3 kids!!! and u fired yo momma and i jus got alot 2 say and u is so fine and im yo # 1 fan i got u doe but y u marry ha and do betta and com bac on da sence!!!


With everything going on in America nowadays, does it make much sense to dwell on something so small as another's choice in a mate???? It is so hard to find someone that you love and that loves you...why not give Tameka the benefit of the doubt and allow time to tell us if she is wrong for him...we all have a past and thats what it is the PAST!!!! We all already knew that Usher was going to end up with an older woman, thats what he LIKES!!! So dont be a hater just because you dont have that blinger on your finger and that good man on your arm!!!! I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world!!!


That is one ugly woman...did she use to be a man ? Usher, you could have done much, and I mean much better than that.


Obviously Usher is inadequate somewhere in his mental makeup to get hookedup with that.


This makes me very upset. I mean, Usher has been my favorite person in the universe for years now and to see him with someone like her? It just kills me. Especially when I hear that she is pregnant, how does everybody know that she's not creeping around behind Usher's back with her ex husband? I just want him to ditch her and move on to someone who's not so, how can I put it, umm... SLUTTY!!!! P.S. I do love her ring though.


By the way - LOVE THE ROCK!!!!!!!!


I feel that Usher needs a more muture woman to keep him grounded. If those to love each other, then who are we to judge them. I'm quite sure she is a very loving muture woman, who has Usher's best interest at heart. You go Girl!!!!! P.S. - Looks can be very deceiving, just because your beautiful on the outside doesn't make you beautiful on the inside. If more people follow that rule I feel more marriages would last. JM in San Francisco