Staged Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag Pics Surface

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Frolicking in the surf.

Play-fighting. Making out.

A Speidi Smooch

Showing off her new boob job from every possible angle.

Clearly, in case you didn't know by now, Heidi Montag loves attention - and will go to great lengths to get it along with her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt.

A new batch of Heidi Montag pics have surfaced, and in them, she and Pratt act like they're having a great time on the beach - completely unbeknownst to anyone else, of course.

In reality, though, The Hills' most nauseating couple might as well have been standing there mugging for the damn camera.

Hell, Spencer Pratt probably paid some dude to show up and take these clearly-staged shots. Friggin' loser.

Would you put it past a guy who appeared in a Kevin Federline video?

We wouldn't. All we have to say is that we're glad some reality TV stars, such as Heidi's ex-BFF Lauren Conrad, don't resort to such annoying means to thrust themselves into the spotlight.

For more on the complete waste of oxygen that is Spencer Pratt, and to see more of his girlfriend's expensive new body, follow this link for more Heidi Montag bikini photos ...


Actually, I think Heidi is delicious. She's the All-American girl and she's defintely a very intelligent woman....that comes out in the show. The onlt thing I don't understand is why she bothers with that childish little twit called Spencer


I'm sure that one day soon Heidi will realize what Spencer really is and leave his ass. When she does, however, she will be all alone; no man, no friends, no fame. Can't wait!


here boobs look scary big. why would you get them that big??


Heidi is so dumb for saying "yes" to Spencer. Did she not remember him being with a bunch of other women at clubs? I hope Spencer just screws her over just to show her what a dumb choice she made!!!!!


Heidi is the dumbest girl i have ever seen Lauren is better off without her


I think that Heidi only got a boob job, because of Spencers love for playmates (which all have extremely large breast). She thinks it makes her a better person speaking out about everything with their relationship, but all it does is make her look even stupider than she is. I hope she falls flat on her face.


soon they will release a sex tape!!!

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