Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag: Wet, Staged & Engaged

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It was only a matter of time.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, whose engagement has been public for all of 18 hours or so, were amazingly spotted frolicking in a swimming pool and acting all cute for the cameras.

Funny how these Heidi and Spencer pics seem to just pop up whenever the slimy wannabe star feels like he wants to be in the news. Her fake boobs are something else, don't get us wrong - but the onslaught of staged photos makes us nauseous.

We're sure you know the feeling. So take a minute to enjoy, and be disgusted by this latest "spontaneous" photo shoot featuring the stars of MTV's smash, The Hills.

No word on whether Lauren Conrad has texted Heidi her congratulations yet. But if she happens to come to our celebrity gossip site and see these pics, she'll probably be too sick to her stomach to pick up her beloved Blackberry.


I just don't understand how Heidi can be just that damn blind. It's sad that she actually allowed Spencer to pressure her into moving in with him, now an engagement. Well, like the saying, birds of a feather flock together...more like two dumb azz birds that deserve each other.


I love all things hollywood.....except them. There pictures are staged and really WHO CARE!!!
There 15 minutes of fame should have ended!


If anyone has seen the episodes of last season, he's obviously playing her like a flute. This engagement is just another excuse to alienate her from her friends who've probably been there for her through Spencer's bullS@%t antics. It only a matter of time before the antics get old.


her boobs are as fake as spencer!


these two are THE biggest losers and i'm sick of having to see their faces on this site! stop giving them the coverage they so desperately desire. Oh, and if it were not for Lauren Conrad, no one would even know who these nerds were.


Love Heidi. Don't like Spencer. HTTP://LAGUNAHOOKUP.BLOGSPOT.COM

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