Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag: Wet, Staged & Engaged

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It was only a matter of time.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, whose engagement has been public for all of 18 hours or so, were amazingly spotted frolicking in a swimming pool and acting all cute for the cameras.

Funny how these Heidi and Spencer pics seem to just pop up whenever the slimy wannabe star feels like he wants to be in the news. Her fake boobs are something else, don't get us wrong - but the onslaught of staged photos makes us nauseous.

We're sure you know the feeling. So take a minute to enjoy, and be disgusted by this latest "spontaneous" photo shoot featuring the stars of MTV's smash, The Hills.

No word on whether Lauren Conrad has texted Heidi her congratulations yet. But if she happens to come to our celebrity gossip site and see these pics, she'll probably be too sick to her stomach to pick up her beloved Blackberry.


I'm not sure what's more pathetic: Heidi and Spencer's desperate attempt to stay in the limelight...or Heidi's "music video." And don't even get me started on "Speidi." Ugh I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit..


hey should get married


if this picture is supposed to be real and they were engaged where are the rings, she def doesnt have one on....


I think spencer is a pshyco!!! Watch out Heidi... I watched the episodes you look so unhappy! All I can say is follow your heart dont be stupid and look at how hes degrating women and disrespecting you! He need to get his ass wooped, I say waite till he falls asleep then do what you have to do. WINK WINK!


It seems as though I'm on a roll today. I'm feeling a little frisky so here ya go... Whitney you should drop your boy Ben Lyons and come on over to my camp. Everyone knows he's just a little man and that I got the stuff you're looking for. Heidi doesn't mind. In fact, I'll let her join in on the fun to...if you're naughty enough. What do you dorks from Panama have to say about that? Huh? Spence is a player and you dirty Panamanians need to keep your comments to yourself. I mean it goddammit!


Oh yeah, if you nerds can't handle the heat, then get your dumbasses out of the kitchen. Heidi and I are on fire. Brodi you can kiss my ass...


Don't u know that Heidi only pretended to be LC's friend when they were in school in Frisco, she took a shine to all the cameras following LC. Thats how LC and Heidi became friends, the same way Spencer is now "engaged" to Heidi. These losers (except LC) will take any opportunity they can to get into the limelight. Lauren, you are so much better off w/o Heidi around you trying to soak up the celebrity status that her and Spencer so greedily want that they would ruin friendships in order to acheive them. And why would Bolthouse hire that lame-brain ? i would be embarrassed and wouldn't want ANYONE knowing I had that loser working for me...




i hate both heidi and spencer, they are both so absolutly retarded. heidi is blind to spencer and he is just an a**hole. heidi was soooo much better off having lauren as a friend. those two are so shady together. they need to be kicked off the show the hills becuase they dont deserve the fame. she had to get a boob job just to feel better about herself because she is so much uglier than lauren. she is just jelous of lauren, she has the looks, the fame, and she doesnt have a boyfriend that is ignorant. heidi and spencer are LOSERS!!!!


when i get to hollywood. im gonna fight spencer and then tell heidi shes an ugly no talent having retard. and no one likes them and everyone hopes to God that they both get the squirts for atleast a month straight. maybe if they dissapear for a while no one will remember them

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