Readers Decry Simon Monjack, Pray For Brittany Murphy

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The Hollywood Gossip's readers were quick to rush to the defense of Mandy Moore's new boyfriend, Greg Laswell. Another spoke out to quash rumors of Kevin Federline going wild in Las Vegas.

Simon Monjack is not so fortunate.

Mr. & Mrs. Monjack

Since announcing the screenwriter's surprise marriage to Brittany Murphy, we've been inundated with comments bashing this mysterious gentleman (and we use that term loosely).

Some angry celebrity gossip readers have levied pretty serious allegations against him. And not the standard (Tameka Foster-esque) "he's not good enough for her" variety.

One of the rumors floating around the Internet: Simon Monjack is a manipulative con artist. Yeah. Some think this guy is as slimy as Spencer Pratt... and a crook to boot.

Who is this Simon Monjack character? Some of our fans seem to think they know ... and maybe wish they didn't. Here's a sampling of the comments we've received.

Simon was married before has a daughter who lives in the UK with her mother.

SIMON (no relation) writes:
Simon is a con artist. He conned his last girlfriend out of her car and money. Left her with awful credit. Frequently uses different SS #'s. He left his other girlfriend in London with a $20,000 credit card bill she was unaware of until he was long gone. He is a master at lying. Brittany BEWARE!!!

SARA writes:
Simon Monjack has been married before and has taken women for every penny they had. He is a con man and bought his last finacee a fake diamond ring! He is bad news. Good luck Britney [sic].

EBERTO writes:
i can't belive brittany doesn't know any better! i have first hand knowledge of this guys grifter ways. everyhting that's being said above is %100 [sic] true!!

CHARLES writes:
Simon Monjack is a tremendous con artist, sociopath and thief. It is amazing that he is still on the loose and not in jail! He has conned women into giving him money, changed his phone number all the time (pretending he was important), he somehow lost his family's money on the truly horrific film "Two Days Nine Lives" and has been scrambling to catch a wealthy or at least connected women to open doors for him.

KATE writes:
The world is an unfortunate place because Simon Monjack is in it. He stalks J DATE (Jewish online dating service) for unsuspecting women and fools them with his charismatic personality, British accent, and pseudo wealth, in order to live off of their money. Simon's evil knows no bounds.

K writes:
Simon Monjack, still pulling a fast one. Now he has the money he has always desired. Brittany's. Didn't her people check him out? Poor thing, she is the next victim and he is smiling his usual manipulative smile. I hope she has very good attorneys. She will need them. Tragic.

Yikes. If this stuff is true, it's terrifying.


Simon Monjack is a con man and not a very nice human being. I worked with him on a film called Two Days Nine Lives. He owes a lot of people and a lot of companies a lot of money. He will not be able to make another film in Britain thats for sure. I don't know how he sleeps at night.
I feel sorry for Brittany Murphy and hope she gets out before he causes her too much heartache.


simon sais a man's job is simply to say "yes" or "no"...that's exactly the problem. He controls your life...and if you do something wrong, he punishes you like a child and sends you to your room after he threatens you with your family, throws things around screaming at you, and whilst doing this, comes numerous verbally abusive comments. "I'll throw you on the street...!!!!!!!!! Oh many other lovely well..."You look like an Auswich victim"...I can go on. Idiot.


If you've been ripped off by Conjack, please email us at You can help us, and/or we will give you ways to bring this criminal to justice. We are a group among the many who have suffered greatly at the hands of this menace... sh*tbag!!! So much to tell, so little time... before he's on to his next victim. Thanks, B D aka Nancy Drew!


11+ is hard to believe that such a fat, ugly, untalented revolting con artist with bad skin, gross hair, a pile of debt and a few pending convictions and felonies conned so many (of us). Everything you said is 100% true, too many people have heard his dribble. Now off with this to the press to pursue. Where will he go? Back to the UK? He'll struggle there out South Africa and Australia...he's on his way.


Hurrah! The truth is finally out (did not take too long).
Am thrilled for Monjack's Ex Wife (and for all the women he has abused in the past). He needs to stay in jail. Vows For Visa? DID Brittany Murphy marry Simon Monjack to keep him from being deported? The National Enquirer reports Monjack was arrested on expired visa charges in the middle of the night on March 27 - just over a month before the couple's rushed marriage. The tabloid also hits the actress' tubby hubby with allegations of bad debts and sleazy business schemes, which sources told Page Six the "Clueless" cutie knew nothing about. Monjack's lawyer told us the charges are being made by "disgruntled ex-girlfriends" and that immigration lawyers concluded the marriage had no bearing on his visa status. Murphy's rep had no comment.


Monjack's Ex-wife and ex-step kid have posted actual comments on other sites on the 'man' that disrupted their lives. They know how wicked he really is. His own daughter barely knows him.


I'm concerned that so many people are trashing this man but have no proof. I am the kind of person that doesn't believe what I'm told --- I look into it to find the facts... hopefully other readers are doing the same. This is a persons LIFE that we're talking about. What is your purpose in trashing it? And Please ---- give us some proof! or shut up!!!


What a liar! He told everyone that he financially supported his ex-wife's children and his daughter and that they all loved him. Totally dillusional! This creep will not get far. Let's hope Brittany figures it out asap and gets rid of him for good.
This will be his one-and-only claim to fame. He is a miserable director and has no talent whatsoever. Here the bbc review of his only film: "What a Mess"


Simon is a good for nothing slob that uses people to get by. Our life has been better without him. My little sister doesnt know to much about him and thats probably the best way for it to be.


... OH YA? GEEEZ... AND I WAS SO *UNJUSTLY DELETED* FROM SO MANY FOCKING Brittany Murphy messageboards and forums AND ATTACKED/SLANDERED/TROLLED FOR WARNING EVERYONE ABOUT *this WHORE-MONGERING/MAN-SKANK/MOB-FIA/'GroomsKRETIN* TOO... I OUGHTTA FOCKING SUE. So WHAT'S "up" WITH Her? Oh YA... MORE LIKE *down* SINCE Her "career" IS FOCKING 'DEAD'. *DRUG-PUSHING Hollywood Industry/PR agents SKUM* HAVE LITERALLY DESTROYED Her ONCE-WholeSome MIND AND Body ... "manipulating" AND DEC-"Em"MATING Her Once-SACRED AND Innocent Image AND MIS-GUIDING Her "career" INTO RUIN. NOW Her OFF-SCREEN Life IS 'JUST' AS 'DISASTER'-ous AS Her 'OTHER' "Em"NEMA "Em"DUCING/RAUNCHY/SIN-ful/SPUN-out/WHORE-ISH/'DEAD' flicks*... PERHAPS EVEN MORESO. ?}:[>------... ...*(insert "banging-head" smiley here)*... Sheeesh.

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