Photo Finish: Usher & Tameka Foster vs. Usher & Chili

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Fans have been clamoring for Usher to see the old, ugly, gold-digging light for weeks now.

They've been bombarding our celebrity gossip site with rude comments directed at fiancee Tameka Foster, along with advice for the hip hop star to ditch this supposedly money-hungry, knocked-up social climber.

Tameka Foster Photograph

We haven't received so many opinions since we bashed the heck out of Greg Laswell.

While insulting Tameka Foster like mad, numerous readers also recommended that Usher go back to his lovely ex-girlfriend, Chili (left).

The former member of TLC has been out of the news for awhile, as recent photos of her are about as difficult to come by as Jayden James pics.

But we tracked down a shot of her with Usher (right). And we paired it with one of the singer and Foster (below). Now it's up to you, Tameka haters: Which do you prefer?

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Usher, you have to live life for yourself. I would like to see you work things out withChili, but that is a decision you will have to make. Don't do something you will regret for the rest of your life. Life is too short to be unhappy. I think Chili was the love of your life. You two showed so much love. Do what you think is right. You cannot turn back the hands of time. Don't marry because of a child. The child will be more miserable than the two of you will. May God Bless you in whatever you decide to do.


I still love usher and his songs but I can't believe he went and got married to tameka she is so lucky because chili from TLC looks a whole lot better and she has pretty feet to.


He loves her for who she is, not for her looks and that's the way love is supposed to be in case you didn't know. Y'all a bunch of dumb superficial bitches, get a brain and grow up retards.


It is not so much as Usher marrying Tamkea it is the fact she left her husband and three kids. U right marriage is a beautiful thing, but you're aready with a man and three kids. Did she not love her kids, I know you can love a different man or woman any diffrent day of the week. I understand leaving your man but not your kids. How are her kids adapating to this, does she understand what this is doing to them. She is probably showering them with money and gifts and thinking they will get over it. WHAT ABOUT THE THREE OTHER KIDS. Do the others kids even spin time with her, the baby and Usher?


Im speechless. I do believe that usher just settled and he did lower his standards. Also I think she trapped him into marriage by getting pregnant. He felt sorry for her being that shes been through issues with late husband and babies fathers. Besides I know he didnt want to have a baby who has to live with parents being seperated. Anyways he stuck wit her now! I just wish he could have waited on God to send him someone made just for him.


all i can say is this is his life and why don't all you haters get over it already. she is a grown ass women and he is a grown ass man. he has the right to marry and love who ever he wants to. shes been around him for a long time and it took a real grown ass women to tickle his fancy. chili is a beautiful women and they did look cute together but who's to say if they were happy. you have to remember timing is everything and maybe it wasn't there time. life is to short to worry about other peoples business if this is there choice then let them be and wish the best of life for the both of them. and hopefully you all can find some kind of peace and happiness in your own life!!


Well let's say there is hope ugly women out there....If Usher is willing to marry a manly women than you UGLY women out there have a reason to hold on to hope!!! Anther thing I am tried of everyone say if she wasn't black than no one would talk stuff...that isn't truse cause if she was white, latina, asian or anything else....she would still be Ugly as Hell!!! I am just disappointed that Usher lowered his standards to that....YUCK!!!


I am a 45 old lady, ur girl is ugly as hell, please think twice before choosin cuz ur man is ugly as hell.


I am 46, and my husband is 34, which is a 12 year difference. We have been married for one year. My husband's family was initially leery of me and my husband's relationship, however, after seeing how much we are in love, they have finally learned to accept me. I admit that I was shocked when I saw Tameka. However, when I saw their recent photo shoot in Essence magazine, I felt that they were truly in Love. Check out the November issue of Essence. That article was awesome! I believe they are really in Love and I wish them the very best. Happy Holidays to everyone.


Clearly he could care less.....i think it's because she got pregnant,he decided to be a man. In all of the photos they are in she is grabbing him and trying to hold his hand. H'e having his doubts but being that she is with child he is being the good man that his mother raised him to be and stepping up to the plate.....Do i think she is a gold Does he really love her.....we'll find out in two years.....maybe