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Someone has to do something about Paris Hilton's pussy obsession.

You'd think Stavros Niarchos would be the ideal candidate, but we're not sure if he knows anything about animals. Or taste in women.

A Dedicated Caller

Hilton, though, continues to torture innocent cats by subjecting them to her STD-ridden, jailbird-like hands. Holly Madison really need to represent PETA in this example of animal cruelty.

Heck, Britney Spears probably treats her kids better than Paris treats these pets.

We'd ask Jayden James if that were the case - but we haven't been able to find him in a really long time.

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Rosie O'Donnell is "not sorry" to be leaving The View early.

On her blog yesterday, Rosie reacted to her decision to leave the ABC talkfest after having a major blowout with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck earlier in the week. She had been scheduled to leave the show when her contract expires in June.

In her annoying, immature style, O'Donnell answered reader questions on her site. When a fan wrote: "Sorry UR leaving early! I miss U when UR not on so now I wont watch! Best of luck to you!" O'Donnell answered, "dont b sorry/ i am not."

Does anything else find it hard to take Rosie seriously when she writes like that? It's like Lindsay Lohan trying to convince us that she's clean and sober.
When another fan, Tony, asked: "Don't you want to do an interview something to clear the air?," O'Donnell replied: "no interviews/ u watched it happen/ b 4 ur eyes."

O'Donnell also produced a 13-minute video in which she discusses the incident and shoots down celebrity gossip rumors that she trashed the dressing room, saying: "I've never trashed anything, frankly."

She does acknowledge that a friend, who was a producer for The View, drew a moustache on a picture of Hasselbeck at show's studios. "It was only one photo, people, and it was a magazine cut-out. It was a cute little joke on the way out."

Meanwhile, Rosie said she's never tried so hard in her life to be someone's friend, but it was just wasn't meant to be between her and Hasselbeck. Sort of like Mary Jo Eustace and Dean McDermott.

As for her place on the show, O'Donnell said: "I was really just like a foster kid for a year. We considered adoption, but I didn't really fit in with the family, and now it's time for the foster kid to go back home."

The comedian and outspoken liberal also said she was most upset about the show's use of a split screen during the argument with her co-host. It did give The View a Jerry Springer-like feel.

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We can't wait to see how Dina Lohan tells the public how "misunderstood" daughter is for this one:

Lindsay Lohan was arrested and cited for driving under the influence in Los Angeles in the early hours of Saturday morning, say police, who also found a substance tentatively identified as "a usable amount of cocaine" in connection with the accident.

Reportedly, the slutty actress and two other adults were in her 2005 Mercedes SL-65 convertible when she lost control and crashed into a curb and trees in Beverly Hills around 5:30 a.m.

After the crash, police say the playmate of Calum Best got into another car and was driven to Century City Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries that involved "something to her upper chest area."

Police said the two other people in her car were not hurt, but did not elaborate on the hilarious irony that Lohan apparently injured here large breasts in the irresponsible incident.

The cops learned of the accident when they received a 911 call at 5:30 a.m. There was also a witness on the scene, but police don't know if the same person called 911. By the time authorities responded, three minutes after the call, Lohan, her companions and the car were gone from the scene.

Lohan was later located by police at the Century City Hospital. Her car was found at a nearby condo complex and towed at 6:30 a.m. Police won't say how they know that the actress was driving, but say they're "confident" that she was. The Hollywood Gossip surmises that maybe there were Firecrotch stains on the driver's seat.

The actress was charged with only a misdemeanor for now.

She stars in the upcoming movie I Know Who Killed Me and was spotted out at the Hollywood hotspot Les Deux - the spot of an alleged Britney Spears/Ryan Phillippe hook-up - before the crash. She arrived around 11:15 p.m. with a group of friends, and was seen dancing and smoking.

Also at the club were singer James Blunt and Paris Hilton, who was recently ordered to 45 days in jail for violating her probation. Hilton was charged with a DUI in September 2006.

Lonnie Moore, co-owner of Les Deux, said: "A lot of celebrities come [to the restaurant] for dinner or drinks. Because it is a restaurant, open five nights a week, there is no age limit for our patrons. We welcome Lindsay and her friends whenever they would like to come to Les Deux."

Don't you see, readers? Because the establishment is often open, no way it can ID its patrons. Can you imagine if supermarkets used this logic? First graders would be buying beer left and right.

In the end, though, we thank Lohan. On a slow holiday weekend for celebrity gossip, this piece of news is far more exciting than the tidbit that a nude Eva Mendes needs a drink to film a sex scene.

(Hey, Eva, you can buy that drink at Les Deux. So can your six-year old cousin if he wants.)

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Eva Mendes nude? That's not so unusual to come across on magazine covers.

But baring it all for a movie sex scene? That's a tad different, the actress recently said.

Stars of The Other Guys

"I wasn't comfortable at all," she told reporters Friday at the Cannes press conference for We Own the Night, which contains a steamy sex scene that would make Jennifer Toof blush â€" Eva's first â€" with Joaquin Phoenix.

"They were very sweet and they poured me a vodka and orange juice and then I was fine," she said.  "I'm very professional and I don't usually drink on the job but that morning I had a little vodka and OJ."

Hey, that's okay, Eva. Lindsay Lohan starts every morning, afternoon and evening with one of those.

Of the scene, Mendes said: "It was my first sex scene and thank God it was with [director] James Gray. Not that it was actually with James," she said, correcting herself to much laughter. "He did it at the end of the shoot, so it was the last day and I was really, really comfortable with these clowns," she said, referring to Phoenix and Gray.

Asked if it helped to think it was her character and not her up there, Mendes said that was difficult. After all, her giant boobs are still her large boobs.

The actress also described her co-star as "one of the greatest actors of my generation," to which Phoenix rolled his eyes, probably because he figured Andy Samberg was more deserving of that description.

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Here's great news to start your weekend: Rosie O'Donnell will NOT be returning to The View.

Following an exchange with Elisabeth Hasselbeck that was heated, even by their standards, the unabashed liberal - who embarrassed many of us within that political party - announced today that she won't be completing her contract on the show.

"We had hoped that Rosie would be with us until the end of her contract three weeks from now, but Rosie has informed us that she would like an early leave," Brian Frons, president of ABC Daytime, said in a statement posted on "Therefore, we part ways, thank her for her tremendous contribution to The View and wish her well."

The Hollywood Gossip does not. We hope no other network gives this attention-seeker the outlet she so craves.

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While Jordin Sparks was winning over viewers on American Idol, past contestants from seasons two through six were gathering at KISS FM's viewing party in L.A. Wednesday.

It all went down at the Renaissance Hotel at Hollywood & Highland, just steps away from the Kodak Theatre. And the singers got along better than Rumer Willis and Hayden Panettiere!

Adam Brock Photo

Diana DeGarmo and Melissa McGhee acted like old pals; Constantine Maroulis (pictured) chatted up Elliott Yamin, and Vonzell Solomon hugged George Huff.

"We're just one big family!" explained Carmen Rasmussen, who had texted season-mate Clay Aiken with news of Jordin's win just minutes before. Season 6 Top 24 contestant AJ Tabaldo agreed with the sentiment, telling Us Magazine: "I'm happy to be part of the Idol family."

Perhaps the craziest post-Idol connection, though, is Paris Bennett and Kevin Covais, who rap together on Paris' forthcoming album. "It all came about from our free-styling backstage," Paris told Us, causing our staff to wonder what other craziness goes on backstage, like maybe Simon Cowell actually being nice to Paula Abdul.

So what do the former Idols think of their newest family members, and the finale results? "I'm ecstatic!" exclaimed Mandisa. Jordin is "rocking it for the teens" an equally happy Paris said.

Meanwhile, they all agreed that runner-up Blake Lewis had a bright future.

"You don't have to win it to find success," said Mandisa. Constantine gave Blake even more praise: "Blake is going to be fine. He's so interesting, and not afraid to take risks."

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The amazing Britney Spears took a break from her rehearsal schedule for a family boat trip with baby sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in Marina del Rey on Thursday.

They were joined by Brit's cousin Allie, as well as by her huge breasts bodyguard. There's even a cute Jayden James picture... or at least a glimpse of the bundle of clothes and other stuff he's wrapped in and always covered by.

At the Bizzucks

PHOTO CREDITS: TMZ / Pacific Coast News / Wells Scott

We bet that Terra Jole, a.k.a. mini-Britney, would be mad jealous of these pics, as it looks like a good time is being had by all aboard. Then again, Jole's career is actually on track.

Anyway, the last time we saw Britney take to the high seas, it was on a boat ride with Isaac Cohen... who she went on many rides with (heh heh) for the few weeks they dated.

This time, it appears it was a family only venture. Which is probably for the best, as Brit hasn't had much luck in the dating department of late. Sorry, Howie Day. You don't cut it.

Maybe she's taking the advice of Simon Cowell and devoting herself to her family. Oh, who are we kidding. At least she didn't offer the paparazzi a crotch shot (that we know of).

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Attention, Simon Monjack haters: perhaps it's time you spewed your venom at someone else deceitful.

Mary Jo Eustace will be glad to give you a candidate: Ex-husband Dean McDermott.

The pair were happily married - having recently pulled an Angelina Jolie and adopted a child - when the second rate actor left her last year for Tori Spelling. On Mary Jo's birthday, no less. She spoke to People magazine about the incident.

"I came home, and somebody called me and said there was going to be something in [New York Post gossip column] Page Six, and I didn't even know what Page Six was," Eustace said. "So it just kind of exploded. ... I was offered several publishing deals to do a book, and I turned them down."

But Eustace, who now lives in Canada with kids Jack and Lola did write "a comedy script loosely based on my situation," and it is being looked at as a possible series; perhaps one to compete with Tori and Dean's nauseating reality show, Inn Love.

In the meantime, she has also written an essay for a new anthology called The Other Woman, which features stories from 21 women about betrayal. Kim Kardashian can probably relate to it based on the Ray J sex tape leak. Here's an excerpt:

When The Other Woman Is Tori Spelling
When Dean called me from the set [of his TV movie], he told me how great he was getting along with his costar Tori Spelling. She was fun, caring and much hotter in real life. I assumed this was good. Before he left, jokes flew at the prospect of working with the daughter of a Hollywood mogul. I suggested he befriend her. "Who knows?" I laughed. It might be good for his career.

Now here he is, back. We're on vacation and I'm wearing my bikini with saggy faded bottoms. I know something is wrong. "Have you met someone?" I ask. He nods yes. "Is it Tori Spelling?" He nods. "We're soulmates," he says. "She loves me unconditionally."

"What conditions?" I scream. "You've only known each other three weeks." (The Hollywood Gossip finds this to be a better point than even the ones Simon Cowell just made about Britney Spears.)

I look down at my baby daughter. "We just adopted a baby." The phrase single mother pops up in my brain. I start to feel weightless as I cross the divide between together and alone.

"I'm not leaving the kids," he says. "I'm leaving you."

I begin to sob. I actually begin to worry that maybe it's all because I look fat. Maybe he was undecided, and this dreadful bikini sealed the deal.

Hey, Mary Jo, we doubt that's true. But you can talk to Janet Jackson if you wanna see how to lose weight.

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If you celebrity gossip readers thought Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack had a monopoly on Brittany-Simon news this week, well, you were wrong.

Never has Simon Cowell been one to shy away from speaking his mind, even when it comes to pressing pop cultural matters beyond American Idol.

The sometimes-surly, always dead-on Brit is offering up some career advice for Britney Spears, telling the pop star to "go home to your family."

In an interview with Good Morning America Thursday, Cowell said that Britney Spears is capable of saving her free-falling career because she's "still one of the most talked about pop stars on the planet."

"She has the X-factor because people want to write about her," Simon Cowell said. "She's not conventional, she's not normal."

No kidding.

At the same time, Cowell says Britney clearly "can't handle the tension and the pressure" that comes from being in the spotlight so she needs to take some time refocus herself at home.

"Lock the door, don't go out with your stupid friends, have some home-cooked food, get back your sense of reality," he says.

"Go lie in the garden, okay? And then say to yourself, 'There's more good in my life than bad. I'm still a rich, talented girl - now I want to get my career on track.' End of story."

Amen to that.

But the interview wasn't all about Jayden James' crazy mama. Simon Cowell also revealed why he believes Jordin Sparks is the new American Idol.

"Jordin Sparks was the most improved over the whole season," he says. "She didn't start the best but midway through, this was the girl who suddenly got momentum."

Still, Cowell feels that Sparks wasn't necessarily the one who deserved the title. "Melinda Doolittle should have won," Cowell said. "She tried the hardest, was consistently the best and had the best voice."

But Cowell's praise doesn't always have the intended effect and he knows it.

"I think about it now... whether I should have endorsed her as much as [I did]," he says. "I think it was the right thing to do."

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Underage babe-in-training Hayden Panettiere caught up with one of her goth freak friends of over Starbucks coffee and some shopping in West Hollywood, Calif., yesterday.

A Pretty Panettiere Pic

Oh, wait, sorry, that's Rumer Willis! Man, she always seems to turn up. We can barely keep up with this girl and all her changing looks. In the past month alone, she's been mistaken for Michael Jackson and Clark Kent. Sexy!

While both Rumer and Hayden have been seen in provocative pictures lately, they certainly seem to be a mismatched pair of pals. But it could be worse, we suppose - either could be friends with that tramp Lindsay Lohan.

As for Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend, Stephen Colletti, well, he's only got 87 more days before he can legally be one of our Heroes. If you get what we're saying.

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