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It's a photo finish of gigantic and anemic proportions. These two women may not be bringing sexy back, but they're taking their trademark looks (at least lately) to new levels.

On the left, we've got Salma Hayek, showing off that ginormous booty while out to lunch Sunday. No wonder they're making a movie about her called Knocked Up*.

Many fans might be tuned off by this pic, but we're sure that François-Henri Pinault, who put a baby up in that, is digging her maternal curves.

The mom-to-be sported a black t-shirt with the words "Stylish. Sexy. Pregnant." written across her huge breasts. We have no further comment at this time.

To the right, we have Simple Life star and apparent Darfur refugee Nicole Richie. Holy frickin' mother of ... Wow. And we thought Keira Knightley was thin.

Nicole, seen here embarking on a coffee run, is in need of a hell of a lot more than a caffeinated beverage. Her skeletal frame makes Britney Spears' frumpy new Flintstones clothing style seem like the sexiest thing ever.

Which look is hotter? You decide! Let us know.

* - Yes, we know it's a comedy starring Katherine Heigl.

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We hope Diddy is spending quality time at home, away from a computer, with Kim Porter and their twin girls right about now.

Otherwise, he may get peeved at our following portrayal of Danity Kane member, Aubrey O'Day.

Aubrey O'Day Nude

But can you blame us, Diddy? In making this successful R&B group, you just happened to have selected a woman that bears a resemblance to Willy Wonka's working pals, the Oompa Loompas.

It's not even that we find O'Day particularly bad looking. Then again, she's no Lucy Pinder.

At least this half Oompa Loompa/half Kelly Ripa knockoff can practice singing as she toils in the chocolate factory. Everyone together now:

Oompa loompa doompadee doo / I've got another puzzle for you / Oompa loompa doompadah dee / If you are wise you'll listen to me ...

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 Lindsay Lohan is headed back to rehab.

If she ever awakens from her alcohol-induced slumber, that is.

Fill 'Er Up

After a weekend of cocaine snorting, drunk driving and late-night partying, the Firecrotch queen is going back to Promises rehab center, TMZ reports.

Yesterday, her lawyer, Blair Berk, was seen driving Lohan to the facility that so successfully helped Britney Spears get her life back on track.. Sources tell the celebrity gossup this is "a serious medical treatment program," not the in-and-out ruse used by other starlets in the recent past.

We're sure that's the case. We're also sure that Howie Day - who is back in Promises for another go-around - will be all up on Lindsay the first chance he gets.

We just hope newly crowned Miss Universe, Riyo Mori, takes note of the dangers of celebrity life. Be careful, darling.

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You really have to hand it to Britney Spears. For two reasons:

  1. She hasn't wrecked her car in a drunken, coked-up state AFTER leaving rehab (sorry, Lindsay Lohan), then gone out clubbing again after that.
  2. Bad as this train wreck's fashion sense may be, she always keeps things interesting at least.

The mother of poor Jayden James is leaving behind her bohemian cowgirl look for (as TMZ puts it) the latest Flintstones-meets-Southwestern-sushi-bar-chic …

Britney Spears' Ass Returns

The only question? If Britney is Pebbles, who's Bam-Bam? Howie Day? Jason Filyaw? Isaac Cohen? Ryan Phillippe? K-Fed? Columbus Short? Bam Margera?

The tanning pop princess was spotted on her way into a sushi bar in Beverly Hills this weekend, after leaving a tanning salon in this curiously lovely sun ensemble.

While this is an improvement (for her) this getup still makes us wonder if she can actually see through those coke bottle sunglasses, which may or may not be made out of recycled glass from her washer-dryer set. Al Gore would be proud.

Frightening as it sounds, Britney might want to take some fashion tips from little Terra Jole. The miniature Brit is looking downright hot in her old school Britney outfits.

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Looks like "Mini Britney" has her very own pint-sized "PopoZao," if you know what we're talking about.

We're talking about a little person version of Kevin Federline.

Sexy Britney Photo

TMZ was at Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas this weekend where Terra Jole, a.k.a. Mini Britney Spears, rocked out pretty damn hard to two of Spears' biggest hits, "Toxic" and "Oops ... I Did it Again."

Terra Jole shook that sexy midget booty in her racy Britney-inspired uniforms - a flight attendant and red latex spacesuit.

Even more so than Miss USA Rachel Smith taking a spill at the Miss Universe pageant, it truly must be seen to be believed (click here to watch Rachel eat it).

Mid-performance, a gold-chain, wifebeater-wearing, thugged-out K-Fed look-alike (played by someone aptly named Wee Matt) took over the stage, and just like the couple's colossal counterparts, they argued!

Mini Brit even offered some tender parting words to the lil' guy - "Get the f**k outta here!"

She's good, that little Britney. Wonder who's gonna get custody of mini-Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline.

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Tom Brady can handle a cover-two defense. He can even handle an all-out blitz from the weak side.

But the prospect of dealing with his very own Jayden James or Shiloh Nouvel? That's frightening.

"It's going to be a challenge," the father-to-be says in the June/July issue of Details. "I guess that late at night, I'm not so much scared as thinking of it as a huge unknown."

Brady is expecting his first child this summer with actress Bridget Moynahan â€" with whom he split in December after three years together.

"I want to prepare for it the way I do everything else in my life," he says in the interview. "I make lists. I make plans. But being a father is different. I think that people go into it and find out, holy s---, I have no control."

Sort of like anyone who tries to get Lindsay Lohan to stop boozing.

Brady â€" named one of People's 50 Most Beautiful in 2002 â€" is now dating Gisele Bundchen. So he ain't doing too badly for himself.

"I'm attracted to women who are smart and funny and ambitious and have lives of their own and great families. Isn't that what attracts anyone?" he says.

Yes and no, Tom. Spencer Pratt is attracted to someone desperate for attention and in possession of fake boobs. So it's hard to generalize.

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A Hollywood bidding war is going down right now for the feature film rights to a new, controversial book about the life and death of Princess Diana.

The movie will mainly focus on Diana's struggle with the paparazzi. Just imagine if she had to deal with celebrity gossip sites too, gosh.

Although the rights have not been snatched up, sources say that the cute, maybe anorexic Keira Knightley has already been tabbed to play the Princess.

A source said:

"Already the word in Hollywood is ‘get Keira Knightley!' It's a story that has everything; pathos, tragedy, comedy, adventure... and Princess Diana."

They believe that because of the recent and massive success of The Queen that this Princess Diana movie will make even more money.

While we can see a movie being made about Diana if it's done well, we just have to say that the girlfriend of Rupert Friend is clearly not the one for the part.

At least get someone who can portray different emotions and not just be the "innocent heroine." Maybe Kate Middleton?

Hey, with the way she's been looking lately, they could still cast Keira Knightley in the film somewhere... as a skinny Prince William.

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Forget Nuts Magazine for a minute.

While a half-naked Lucy Pinder may have posed for that publication in the past, she's making it obvious in this spread just which pages she hopes to appear in someday.

Lucy Pinder Nude Pic

Are you reading, Hugh Hefner?

The British babe is making like the Playboy bunny below, an obvious attempt to follow in the footsteps of Holly Madison nude and numerous other lovely women that have donned their birthday suits for Hef's creation.

There's no question that Pinder is suitable for the magazine.

But we're curious: if Lucy and other English beauties, such as Gemma Atkinson, were to pose, would their pictures be placed on the left-hand side of the page?

And would tea or crumpets be served during the photo shoot?

Whatever the answers are, we just hope Pinder asking to be included in Playboy doesn't start too much of a British trend. No one wants to see Amy Winehouse nude.

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Nicole Richie may have mended fences with her one-time nemesis Paris Hilton, but the tiny reality TV "star" faces another personal problem.

For once, we're not talking about the fact that she doesn't eat.

Nicole Richie has reportedly shunned her mother, Brenda Harvey-Richie, even as she remains in the hospital after major surgery.

"Brenda was in the hospital. She had a hysterectomy," said a source.

"Nicole hasn't visited her since."

In other mom-daughter news, a similar spat meant Britney Spears reportedly didn't visit her hospitalized mother, Lynne, on Mother's Day.

Richie, who is not back in rehab as some sites reported, has been making regular visits to her therapist, and insiders say her issues with her mom may be to blame:

"The two have not been getting along lately."

Richie's rep had no comment on the feud, which makes the Rosie O'Donnell - Elisabeth Hasselbeck rift seem downright cordial.

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You've got a long way to go, Britney Spears.

You may ignore your kids, laugh in the face of rehab and continue to hit clubs almost every night, but Lindsay Lohan is a true party-goer.

Side Boob Action

Mere days after her arrest for DUI and possible cocaine possession, the disgusting actress went to a Memorial Day pool party on Sunday at Teddy's at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, where DJ pal Samantha Ronson was spinning.

"She was in a great mood," says a witness, not mentioning whether or not Lindsay was more drugged out than Pete Doherty.

Later that morning, photo agency X17 snapped pictures of Lohan apparently asleep or passed out in the passenger seat of Ronson's car, several "30 Days" sobriety pendants hanging from the rearview mirror.

Those seem as appropriate as a "Virginal Territory" sign hanging over the bed of Holly Madison.

According to the New York Post, Lohan dropped her sunglasses and cigarettes on her way out of Teddy's, then collapsed when she bent to pick them up. A bouncer had to lift her into the car. It was the most action Lohan had seen since Calum Best felt up her large breasts the night before.

Meanwhile, Dina Lohan, feel free to contact The Hollywood Gossip at any time and let us know how this is another example of your daughter being misunderstood. We've blown up the attached photo to underscore that point.

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