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It's May 3. You know what that means:

New Britney Spears topless photos!

Caffeine Fiend

Yeah, we have no idea why Britney Spears decided to do this classic photo shoot, sporting her signature look (uber-sexy old man hat and wig), cupping her rather large boobs and holding flowers in front of her nipples.

But really, why does Britney Spears do anything (that includes procreation - best of luck to you, poor Sean Preston and Jayden James)?

The pictures appear to be little more than desperate cries for attention as Britney hungers for the spotlight, now that she's embarking on her comeback.

Then again, if her two weak, 15-minute lip-synched shows at the House of Blues are all we get out of this supposed "comeback," she may want to say in the dark.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the latest, sort-of-nude Britney Spears pictures, where the troubled pop star is smiling like she's on a huge cocktail of anti-depressants. Hottttt.

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Everyone is excited for Jessica Simpson to be hosting a party with the Pussycat Dolls tomorrow night.

Well, everyone except for Asia Nitollano, that is.

The winner of The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll was nowhere to be seen during a performance by PCD in Atlanta last week - and the celebrity gossip mill is buzzing with the possibility that she might never actually be included with the group.

Sources say Asia "isn't "the best match" for the group. Which is strange because, you know, she won the contest to be in the group.

This would be akin to Melinda Doolittle winning American Idol and then fans saying she wouldn't make a good singer.

Or The Bachelor, Andy Baldwin, choosing a mate and then not going through with the marriage.

Warner Bros. tells TMZ, though, that Nitollano "is absolutely a member ... and will tour with the group and record for the Dolls' second album."

Calls to the group were not returned. But things aren't looking so hot for Asia: the reality show has been green-lit for another season... and how many members can the Pussycat Dolls really need?

Also, TMZ spotted Robin Antin, the creator of the group, dancing with the runners-up on the series last night at the Stoli Hotel in Hollywood. It sounds to us like Katie Cassidy and Jesse McCartney have a brighter future than Asia and the Dolls.

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Love is in the air for hot young stars Katie Cassidy and Jesse McCartney, both 20, who have been together and smitten with each other for awhile.

But now, there's a rumor that they're engaged - and it comes from a source close to Katie - her good friend, The Hills star, Lauren Conrad.

Photo of LC

On a bulletin posted by LC on MySpace, Katie, Jesse and LC's pals Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge met Lauren for dinner. That was when, according to LC...

"Then he got down and asked her. It was so sweet! Everyone was clapping afterwards."

After dinner, the happy bunch made their way out to club Mood to celebrate - appropriately, the same club where just last year, a photo of an underage Jesse McCartney drinking beer surfaced, launching an investigation of Mood.

Good to see he's hanging out there again. So is this rumor for real? When a rep for the Nick Carter knock-off was asked for comment on the engagement rumors regarding McCartney and Cassidy, he replied simply, "No, not engaged."

Hmm. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on the part of Lauren Conrad, BFF of Katie?

We'll see. In any case, Heidi Montag and her new, fake boobs were nowhere to be seen.

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Make fun of Perez Hilton and numerous celebrities are in your corner.

Mock Pete Wentz and no one seems to care.

But mention that Mandy Moore could do better than Greg Laswell and watch as readers rush to the defense of this singer/songwriter. Because The Hollywood Gossip is nothing if not the voice of our fans, here are examples of what you had to say, verbatim, about the greatness of Greg Laswell …

Adrian: Greg is an extremely talented song writer. Wise up.

Stephanie: Okay, hold up, kids. You don't know Greg Laswell!!! I've seen him live several times and not only does he have the most beautiful voice on the planet, he's also so freaking hot and hilarious! So maybe Greg Laswell can do better…

Joe S. : greg laswell is an amazingly talented musician, not to mention the fact that he is gorgeous and funny as hell. if you ever have the chance to see him perform live. your opinion on the guy will do a complete 180. i mean go to his myspace page and read his blog, listen to his music. do some research before you form an "opinion" on someone. this shows an amazing lack of credibility on your part.

Andrew: Considering you are the Hollywood Gossip you sure don't know your head from your a-s when it comes to musicians…get a clue…Greg is amazing!

Easy there, Andrew. We appreciate your thoughts - along with those of everyone who writes in to our celebrity gossip blog - but we can typically tell the difference between good musicians and poor ones. We have been dissing Brooke Hogan for months, remember.

But we appreciate your comments and encourage them throughout the site. In fact, here's another topic to get opinions going:

Would you rather see Britney Spears nude or Tricia Helfer nude?

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We sympathize with the gent below. When you work all day at a run-of-the-mill job just to make ends meet, and a certifiably fine piece of once-almost-royal ass struts past you… it's tough not to engage in some serious ogling.

On the flip side, you gotta watch yourself. The paparazzi follows Kate Middleton everywhere. You have to know that you're going to get busted… on film. Let's just hope this fellow isn't in a relationship. If he is… it's probably over by now. 

Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William Photo

While Kate is still reeling from her breakup with Prince William, she's doing her best to move on. And she can at least take solace in the fact that she's got it goin' on. Plenty of Brits would undoubtedly date this lovely lass if given the chance.

Chin up, Kate Middleton. Chin up.

While Johnny Knoxville and Diddy set the bar high by ogling the rackage of hot actresses, The Hollywood Gossip gawking champion remains this guy, who was quite taken aback by the sight of Sienna Miller (and not shy about his approval).

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A wet Paris Hilton has nothing on a soaked version of a certain R&B goddess.

Take a look at the picture of Beyonce on this month's cover of Vibe magazine and prepare to drool over it like a British dude staring at the read end of Kate Middleton.

Beyonce Image

Also, check out snippets of the interview she gave the publication below...

On being a celebrity: "Everybody messes with celebrities. At a point, you just have to decide if you really want it. If you do, you have to have a tough skin."

On how it affects those close to her: "If it's something about my sister or my nephew or it's something evil, then yes, I'm upset," Beyoncé said about Hollywood gossip. "I wanna kill somebody. If it's a rumor that's vindictive, or something harmful, or something everybody's believing that is completely not true, then it's frustrating because there's nothing you can do about it."

On her rumors of a feud with Jennifer Hudson: "I've worked with Britney Spears, I've worked with Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and they don't start [rumors]. Whenever it's two black women … it's unfortunate."

Hmmm, Beyonce didn't exactly shoot down talk of the rivalry, did she? It will be interesting to see if either wins at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

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And people were saying that a photo comparison of Avril Lavigne and Elvira (Mistress of the Dark) was f*%ked up. They ain't seen nothin' yet.

When the world was introduced to Nicole Richie in 2003, she was known as that harlot Paris Hilton's sweet, chunky sidekick from the hit reality TV series The Simple Life.

What a Cute Baby

And we were cool with that. She seemed nice and harmless enough, despite the inherent awfulness of Paris Hilton and The Simple Life. We were Nicole Richie fans.

Fast forward three years, though, and the sweet youthful Nicole had been replaced with a svelte, fashion-forward model. And by svelte, we mean freakish. Anorexic. Gaunt. Yeah, this lack of sustinence puts Keira Knightley to shame.

Here's Nicole Richie, circa 2003 and 2006. Prepare to gasp in abject terror ...

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We hope this doesn't scare off Deryck Whibley.

It's great that the Canadian rocker has married Avril Lavigne and the newlyweds have moved into the home formerly occupied by Shanna Moakler.

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne Picture

But Whibley may be looking at his wife is a new light after realizing the same thing our celebrity gossip experts have discovered: she looks a whole lot like Elvira. It's frightening (although nowhere near as frightening as the rumor that David Hans Schmidt possesses a sex tape starring this dark mistress).

Granted, the similarities between Rumer Willis and Jay Leno scare us even more. We haven't laughed at a late night monologue since this realization. But we'd still prefer our loved one to look like Ashley Tisdale over the queen of the dead.

Then again, it could be worse for Deryck: his wife could resemble David Lee Roth.

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Britney Spears didn't even bother trying to fake-sing during her second comeback show last night, noticeably chewing gum throughout her lip-synching.

Then she left the stage even more quickly than she did the night before.

Britney Spears in Wax

Cellphones and cameras were taken from fans who waited two hours to get into the House of Blues in Anaheim, Ca., reports People, after video and live Britney Spears photos popped up everywhere on the Internet.

For its trouble, the crowd was treated to a 12-minute set (three minutes shorter than Tuesday's show in San Diego) during which Britney Spears chomped gum during songs, when she should've been singing, or at least making a reasonable simulation of doing so.

"She was a little off, a little slower than her dancers," one fan told People.

Shocking. It's like an Ashlee Simpson show... only shorter.

At 9:30 p.m., after the vast majority of the audience had made it past security, the chants of "Britney! Britney!" started, with one girl exhorting the crowd with shouts of, "She's got to feel the love!"

THG NOTE: Someone really needs to get out more.

A few minutes later, the lights dimmed, empty except for a single white chair. The crowd exploded into screams and applause as the four backup dancers appeared, two on each side, snaking their way across the stage.

As the first chords of "... Baby One More Time" were played, Spears emerged in a brown wig, white go-go boots, a white mini-skirt and a sparkling top.

Like the San Diego show, the set was a short medley of Spears' hits, with "I'm a Slave 4 U" following "Hit Me" and the crowd showering the star with shouts of approval each time she wiggled her hips.

The lights dimmed after the second song, going a soft red, with the back-up dancers exiting the stage and leaving the former Mrs. Kevin Federline alone to strut slowly to the lone chair as "Breathe On Me" started.

The crowd roared as she seductively gyrated on the chair before her dancers returned and pulled a male fan from the audience to be serenaded by Spears.

A brief interlude allowed Spears to change into a tiny denim skirt, a plain pink bra and a short, white fur coat. Her "Do Something" routine included some air guitar, a lot of the hands-on-hips hip thrusts and a brief homage to the running man dance move.

Fans were definitely there to support Cue Ball: One group of young women wore matching pink tank tops reading "Bald Ambition" on the front and "The Comeback 2007" on the back.

THG NOTE: Please, tell us those were handed out for free.

She is planning several more performances this week, including shows at the Los Angeles House of Blues Thursday and the House of Blues Las Vegas inside Mandalay Bay Sunday.

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Channeling his inner Taboo, Busta Rhymes was arrested on a DUI charge early this morning in New York, after police stopped him for driving an SUV with "excessively tinted windows."

According to the NYPD, the rapper, driving a 2006 GMC Yukon Denali, was pulled over on the far West side of Midtown Manhattan at 12:48 AM.

The reason? His car's windows were too dark.

When cops encountered Busta Rhymes (real name: Trevor Smith), they noticed a "strong odor of alcohol" on his breath and issued a field sobriety test.

He was then taken into custody on a charge of driving while impaired and booked at the Midtown North Police Precinct. No word on whether he saw Jason Wahler in the holding cell.

A message left for Rhymes' lawyer, Scott Leemon, was not immediately answered. The Manhattan District Attorney's office said only that Rhymes "had not been arraigned."

The rapper awaits trial next Tuesday on assault charges from last year.

Busta was also busted for allegedly beating up a fan back in January.

Essentially, he's a more violent, East Coast version of Snoop Dogg.

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