No Pussy(cat Dolls) for Asia Nitollano?

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Everyone is excited for Jessica Simpson to be hosting a party with the Pussycat Dolls tomorrow night.

Well, everyone except for Asia Nitollano, that is.

The winner of The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll was nowhere to be seen during a performance by PCD in Atlanta last week - and the celebrity gossip mill is buzzing with the possibility that she might never actually be included with the group.

Sources say Asia "isn't "the best match" for the group. Which is strange because, you know, she won the contest to be in the group.

This would be akin to Melinda Doolittle winning American Idol and then fans saying she wouldn't make a good singer.

Or The Bachelor, Andy Baldwin, choosing a mate and then not going through with the marriage.

Warner Bros. tells TMZ, though, that Nitollano "is absolutely a member ... and will tour with the group and record for the Dolls' second album."

Calls to the group were not returned. But things aren't looking so hot for Asia: the reality show has been green-lit for another season... and how many members can the Pussycat Dolls really need?

Also, TMZ spotted Robin Antin, the creator of the group, dancing with the runners-up on the series last night at the Stoli Hotel in Hollywood. It sounds to us like Katie Cassidy and Jesse McCartney have a brighter future than Asia and the Dolls.


everyone keeps saying she doesnt have the voice.
well guess what, dance is better then voice.
why? because only nicole sings anyways.
why take a voice? it wont be used !
dancing is way more benifitial for the group
asia deserved that win.


Melissa R. and Chelsea would have been a better choice they had better voces to my opinion and fitted better with the group. i was desapointed by the choice of the judges.


OR. Maybe they never intended to bring on a new girl in the first place, and the whole show was a stunt to bring publicity and $$ to the Dolls. 1. She wasn't even contractually obligated to join the Dolls after the show, and 2. after her ONE performance with the Dolls at the finale, she suddenly has a "change of heart"? What solo career? C'mon.


asia can sing and dance


Leave Asia alone she won that contest and she deserves to be in the group not Melissa.R or Chelsea. If any of them two was ment to be in the group they would of won they are obviously not good enough thats not Asias fault. So get over the fact that Asia won and they didnt.


I think the PCD's need at least 9-10 memembers, just to exapnd the friendhship and horizion of the Group. Asia seems like a perfect fit since she's so beautiful. Well thats it! She needs to be in the group!


I think Asia is a very pretty girl and deserves to be in the group


I think that if Asia doesn't fit in shouldn't they let Melissa Reyes be in the froup bcaseu she has a better tone and also she fits in more


she was ugly i couldnt believe that she was the new doll she just is not like the pcd they are beautyful en dance woooo, but when a saw the other contestants beautiful, they dance and sing i said WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING WHEN THEY CHOICE HER, definitly she was not a PCD haha yes u r right they do it to take her out easily


everything was a farce a lie, when they choice her i thought " are they crazy is the worst one everybody knows it" then when they say she quit i realized she was paid to say that why would she do that, they choice her couse the other girls were better they would draw attention, but asia who cares asia she is not very mmm she just no draws attention.