Mary Jo Eustace Pens Story of Dean McDermott Betrayal

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Attention, Simon Monjack haters: perhaps it's time you spewed your venom at someone else deceitful.

Mary Jo Eustace will be glad to give you a candidate: Ex-husband Dean McDermott.

The pair were happily married - having recently pulled an Angelina Jolie and adopted a child - when the second rate actor left her last year for Tori Spelling. On Mary Jo's birthday, no less. She spoke to People magazine about the incident.

"I came home, and somebody called me and said there was going to be something in [New York Post gossip column] Page Six, and I didn't even know what Page Six was," Eustace said. "So it just kind of exploded. ... I was offered several publishing deals to do a book, and I turned them down."

But Eustace, who now lives in Canada with kids Jack and Lola did write "a comedy script loosely based on my situation," and it is being looked at as a possible series; perhaps one to compete with Tori and Dean's nauseating reality show, Inn Love.

In the meantime, she has also written an essay for a new anthology called The Other Woman, which features stories from 21 women about betrayal. Kim Kardashian can probably relate to it based on the Ray J sex tape leak. Here's an excerpt:

When The Other Woman Is Tori Spelling
When Dean called me from the set [of his TV movie], he told me how great he was getting along with his costar Tori Spelling. She was fun, caring and much hotter in real life. I assumed this was good. Before he left, jokes flew at the prospect of working with the daughter of a Hollywood mogul. I suggested he befriend her. "Who knows?" I laughed. It might be good for his career.

Now here he is, back. We're on vacation and I'm wearing my bikini with saggy faded bottoms. I know something is wrong. "Have you met someone?" I ask. He nods yes. "Is it Tori Spelling?" He nods. "We're soulmates," he says. "She loves me unconditionally."

"What conditions?" I scream. "You've only known each other three weeks." (The Hollywood Gossip finds this to be a better point than even the ones Simon Cowell just made about Britney Spears.)

I look down at my baby daughter. "We just adopted a baby." The phrase single mother pops up in my brain. I start to feel weightless as I cross the divide between together and alone.

"I'm not leaving the kids," he says. "I'm leaving you."

I begin to sob. I actually begin to worry that maybe it's all because I look fat. Maybe he was undecided, and this dreadful bikini sealed the deal.

Hey, Mary Jo, we doubt that's true. But you can talk to Janet Jackson if you wanna see how to lose weight.


"Chrissy Says: April 7th, 2009 3:21 PM Love is a choice. We have mental power to decide to love, or not. When following feelings, cloudy decisions are made." ...Guess what "Chrissy" Love is NOT a choice. What friggin' planet are you from?


...Hey Mary Jo, maybe if you weren't such a miserable b*tch Dean wouldn't have left you. It is what it is.


Wow I had no idea about any of this. I will no longer watch their show, and sorry to hear this news. Be strong and good luck. You walked away the winner :)


Tori and Dean are ADORABLE!!! They are a beautiful couple who love each other very much. They have gorgeous children, and they will have more. They will be together forever...they are completely in love, unselfishly. I should know, I work for them.


Before he left, jokes flew at the prospect of working with the daughter of a Hollywood mogul. I suggested he befriend her. "Who knows?" I laughed. It might be good for his career. Who send there husband to befriend another woman?


"Before he left, jokes flew at the prospect of working with the daughter of a Hollywood mogul. I suggested he befriend her. "Who knows?" I laughed. It might be good for his career." Perhaps you set yourself up with sending him to befreind a woman for his career. I suspect she was vulnerable having just gotten married when her father was very ill. Is it possible you set her up for your own benefit? Sure she took the bait however I suspect you are now getting more alimony.


your a douchebag.. you werent good enough for him .. get over it


I can't look at Tori and Dean's very cute babies - without thinking of the babies that Dean left behind when he cheated on Mary Jo.
I think he is such a loooooser.


tori is a selfish biatch with no morals and then she comes out on tv. looking! actually trying to look so innocent i cant stand her now. thats why in one of her reality show she was so intimidated that dean went with that girl scuba diving. because she knows how whores do it they be creeping behind people and messing with married men what a slut. but mary jo ,I really hope you read this because let me tell you something your a million times better than tori. im serious not because shes a homewrecker. is the truth shes mad ugly i dont know what dean saw in her . well probably he wanted her money! thats all! good luck mary jo always keep ur head up your the better one and God sees that.


OMG!! Yes, what he did was wrong. But would you really want to stay in an unhappy relationship? It's so unhealthy! Picture it; He stayed with you, but he's miserable everyday. You are stressed because he's miserable. The kids get to see this everyday and they get stressed out. I grew up in this exact situation and it SUCKED! How I wished my father would have gotten the nerve to leave, but he never did. He stayed for the kids. My father slept on the couch for 15 years! So for all of you bashing Dean for walking out, please stop for a moment and realize what he did was best for everyone. Mary Jo, has your life been any better holding on to the bitterness? I would bet not. You have been given a gift of a new lease on life. Take it and run with it and let go of the past.