Mary Jo Eustace Pens Story of Dean McDermott Betrayal

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Attention, Simon Monjack haters: perhaps it's time you spewed your venom at someone else deceitful.

Mary Jo Eustace will be glad to give you a candidate: Ex-husband Dean McDermott.

The pair were happily married - having recently pulled an Angelina Jolie and adopted a child - when the second rate actor left her last year for Tori Spelling. On Mary Jo's birthday, no less. She spoke to People magazine about the incident.

"I came home, and somebody called me and said there was going to be something in [New York Post gossip column] Page Six, and I didn't even know what Page Six was," Eustace said. "So it just kind of exploded. ... I was offered several publishing deals to do a book, and I turned them down."

But Eustace, who now lives in Canada with kids Jack and Lola did write "a comedy script loosely based on my situation," and it is being looked at as a possible series; perhaps one to compete with Tori and Dean's nauseating reality show, Inn Love.

In the meantime, she has also written an essay for a new anthology called The Other Woman, which features stories from 21 women about betrayal. Kim Kardashian can probably relate to it based on the Ray J sex tape leak. Here's an excerpt:

When The Other Woman Is Tori Spelling
When Dean called me from the set [of his TV movie], he told me how great he was getting along with his costar Tori Spelling. She was fun, caring and much hotter in real life. I assumed this was good. Before he left, jokes flew at the prospect of working with the daughter of a Hollywood mogul. I suggested he befriend her. "Who knows?" I laughed. It might be good for his career.

Now here he is, back. We're on vacation and I'm wearing my bikini with saggy faded bottoms. I know something is wrong. "Have you met someone?" I ask. He nods yes. "Is it Tori Spelling?" He nods. "We're soulmates," he says. "She loves me unconditionally."

"What conditions?" I scream. "You've only known each other three weeks." (The Hollywood Gossip finds this to be a better point than even the ones Simon Cowell just made about Britney Spears.)

I look down at my baby daughter. "We just adopted a baby." The phrase single mother pops up in my brain. I start to feel weightless as I cross the divide between together and alone.

"I'm not leaving the kids," he says. "I'm leaving you."

I begin to sob. I actually begin to worry that maybe it's all because I look fat. Maybe he was undecided, and this dreadful bikini sealed the deal.

Hey, Mary Jo, we doubt that's true. But you can talk to Janet Jackson if you wanna see how to lose weight.


Mary Jo, I think it is so much better that you are not with Dean anymore, he is such a loser and Tori is highly, highly annoying. You are solid and graceful and I hope you find or have found someone who makes you much happier because Dean is a big Idiot. They are both idiots. I just caught a part of their last movie together, and its such a joke! What happened sucked, the pain you went through sucked, but thank goodness you have moved on! Good for you!


So much judgement going on here. Must be nice to be so perfect! It did not work out between Dean and his wife and I believe Tori was married as well. Okay so they left their spouses and have a new life together. Why is this anyone's business anyhow? And for those who a still bitching about being left by their cheating spouse get over it and be happy that someone that was not happy with you is no longer in your life. There is no such thing as "breaking up a happy home". If your home was so happy then it could not be broken. No such thing as a "husband stealer". Unless he was forced into leaving you to be with someone else, accept the fact that it just did not work out with you and him. Stop blaming everyone but yourself. You were part of it too.


I am a huge fan of Tori's and now Dean's as well. You need to face it that you made dean unhappy and now that he's with Tori he is HOTTER than ever. When he was with maryjo he was so plain and conservative.


Tori is AMAZING.


when you jump from one person to another it never works. If you are not happy you need to be happy with you first and then get go on a few datges. More than likely this was lust and greed and the way it came right out was to get press and it worked but he is still a loser. Tori is his meal ticket, plan and simply. Good luck Tori, no doubt he will cheat behind your back or move on whne someone else comes along.


Tori Spelling is completely unattractive (when did over- processed, fake blond hair become hot) and Dean looks GAY. He will cheat on her and maybe even with a guy next time around - anything for a floundering career. Good luck Tori.


The sad part is I can see why he fell for Tori even though of course I feel sorry for Maryjo (just ordered the book divorce sucks off ebay ) . Tori IS fun ,sweet and full of life.Maryjo seems so reserved and BLAH. If I were dean I hate to say i would have done the same thing. Makes me want to try to stay alive for my husband , crossing my fingers lol.


I think Mary Jo is much more 'uptown' than Tori. I find Tori to be childlike and very needy. I think Dean got with Tori so he could further his career, that's transparent. When Tori scolds Dean about something, he tucks his tail. Their show is so boring and hearing Tori talk about her mom all the time is sickening. Wake up Tori, Dean cheated on his wife and he will most likely do that to you..


I DID like her - much better than Tori Spelling. I can't even watch Tori because she can't act. Can't with a Capital C. And she is very coarse looking - almost masculine. McDermott did this for his career and no other reason. And by the way, what is his career? Not exactly hot news, is it?


Hated maryjo when she was on whats for dinner with her fag friend and still cant stand her!! looks good on u cuz u have a big mouth and a long face witch!