Lindsay Lohan to Put Out Crappy Pop Album

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Lindsay Lohan is getting ready to start work on a new album, which she calls "urban pop."

The Hollywood Gossip is getting ready to work on a slew of new insults to lay upon the Firecrotch queen once the awful album is released.


"We'll start in probably June or July and take four months," Lohan said, speaking either about the CD or the amount of time her and Calum Best plan to pose and preen for the paparazzi

Lindsay, whose last album was 2005's A Little More Personal (Raw), is working on the disc with Maverick Records CEO Guy Oseary.

We're gonna go on a limb and say that the first effort by Blake Lewis will sell a gazillion more copies.

In the meantime, Lohan has been out promoting her movie, Georgia Rule and keeping company with Best â€" not to mention recently topping Maxim magazine's Hot 100 list, to the consternation of those wondering if the publication has ever heard of Eva Longoria or Jessica Biel. Or, heck, even Jennifer Toof.

"It's really flattering," she says of the Maxim title, "but it does get kind of awkward."

Maybe that's because Lindsay knows even Shar Jackson is probably more worthy.

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Lindsay Lohan is not the worst singer ever,she is the best female singer i have ever herd and she always will be.


Im excited to see what kind of album Lindsay is coming out with next.Im a HUGE FAN of not only her 2 cd's "Speak" and "A Little More Personal" that are obviously already out but her acting career aswell.I own every movie she has ever been apart of except for "I Know Who Killed Me" "Chapter 27" and "Poor Things".But when they do come out on dvd I will buy them u better believe it!But back to Lindsay's cd's.On her first album "Speak" it was more of an upbeat tempo and on her second cd "A Little More Personal" its toned down a bit.Now you still get the upbeat tempo on the album but its more about her personal life.Just like it says in the title.So you see Lindsay Lohan will be putting out a 3rd album and whoever doesnt like it then all I have to say to yous is dont buy.But you will be missing out! CIAO EVERYONE!


Lindsay Lohan has issues right now, no different from the rest of us, lay off her and get a life, just because she's a celeb doesn't mean she's not a use quotes like "Firecrotch Queen" & "Awful album" just states how little of a person you are and maybe even a sign of jealousy, I mean come on you havn't heard the album yet! I think it's gunnna be great!