Lily Allen Rips Amy Winehouse, America, Skinny B!tches

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Lily Allen has shocked some fans by branding herself "fat and ugly" - and "s**tter" than fellow British singing sensation Amy Winehouse.

The "Smile" singer, who last week criticized editors of fashion magazines for perpetuating what she calls the "size zero culture," made an impassioned turnaround on (where else) her MySpace page on Saturday.

What Your Step

She wrote:

"Fat, ugly and s**tter than Amy Winehouse - that is all I am. I'm on my own in America again."

"I used to pride myself on being strong-minded and not being some stupid girl obsessed with the way I look. I felt like it didn't matter if I was a bit chubby ‘cos I'm not a model, I'm a singer.

"I'm afraid I am not strong and have fallen victim to the evil machine. I write to you in a sea of tears from my hotel bed. I have spent the past hour researching gastric bypass surgery and laser liposuction."

In other words, the Star Jones treatment.

Speaking at the launch of her clothing range Lily Loves for British fashion chain New Look last Tuesday, she criticized fashion mags for perpetuating eating disorders, saying "Fashion editors can f**k off."

"Lots of them are responsible for the skinny issue."

"If fashion editors put bigger models in their magazines, then maybe girls wouldn't be sticking their fingers down their throats so much."

That's right, Nicole Richie. You got served.

"It makes me so angry, they should think more about what they're doing to the younger generation."

It would seem Maroon 5's Adam Levine - the man-whore who slept with Jessica Simpson, among many others - agrees with her view, even after he labelled her a ‘A S**t Spewer' recently.

Earlier this year, Allen called U.S. President George W. Bush "an a**ehole and a c**t" and referred to Americans as "backward" - and Levine isn't impressed with the young lady's candid international commentary.

He says, "S**t constantly spews out of her (Allen's) mouth. It's not attractive seeing someone spew s**t out of their mouth."

We feel the same way about Spencer Pratt.

"She's bigger in the UK," Levine continued. "But [here] her words still have some effect. Her talking s**t seems to be embraced."


you don't go being mean to lily allen. She is the second god. If she syas it's true, you're damn right it's true. And yes, (even if she didn't say it) I agree. Lily allen is right for everything she siad about fashion editors and amy Winehouse. You have to be blind not to see that. And even so, I luv her. I'm not in the UK, i live in america, but she is my idol. Everything she says and does we should do. f**k amy winehouse, and if she can't handle what lily says, then go cry me a river. She can't handle herself. She has to et used to what people say about her, because that's the way life is. LUV LILY!!!!!


TO ALL THE SMART PEOPLE; That believe this is press hype, YOUR RIGHT! Lily Allen wrote a blog titled I don't'' hate America, (the exact opposite) I think America is great. Her feelings about George W. Bush, are valid and that's o.k. Another blog by Lily Allen explained that she raised a glass in honor of Amy Winehouse, to show her support. If these articles did not exist, she would not have to defend herself, or open her mouth. Her drinking ''is' and always has been exaggerated by the press. On the days that she did drink,the actual dates in between were far apart.


i totaly think that somebuddy else wrote that not her because SHE no amydummy drughouse i mean she she she is much happier and i have her cd and i love it and yes all of us pass throw a time when we think we are ugly but she just cries and lets it go amy drughouse takes drugs and makes it last for ever thats why she is ugly. and lily is much a beteer singer and she is nise and happy and her songs are inspiring and amasing and just the best and if she did write that you know lily ive felt fat too but i didnt take drugs and i did just like you did a sea of tears but tears helped me realize i am soooo skiny and i eat what i want a bit of everything try it anyou find


Lily Allen, was not insulting Amy Winehouse . SOMEOME ELSE IN A MAGAZINE MADE THE QUOTE > FAT UGLY AND SH**TIER THAN Amy Winehose, truth be told Mrs Allen and Amy Winehouse are friends it's been described that they get on well.Also Lily Allen, does not care for George Bush! this is a quote that was said once, and then circulated is several magazines Lily Allen has also said (on tape) that she quite likes AMERICA!


i hate amy winehouse.. all her "art" is doing is making people think it's okay and normal or cool to mess up their lives. she should let all her music out when she's done with drugs if she ever makes it there and encourage people to get better or something beneficial. she is worthless at this point and she knows it but she's too lazy and selfish to do anything about it so she smokes crack to forget.


Why wont amy winehouse's face fall off already? shes the scum of all human beings.


she didnt come over here dissing americans. (unless everyone in america is a fashion editor or dubbya bush that is) but she is 100% correct. bush is ass raping our country and fashion editors that put these herion sheek girls on their adds are the ones that are pressuring our youth of america to eat nothing and diet and be stick thin. i value lily allen for upholding her views no matter what people think. although they are only her opinions, and not facts, she makes a very strong point about the strong holds of our nation. so open your eyes and listen to what shes saying before you trash her size and music style.. besides amy winehouse has a nasty crack habit. and her face is falling off.


amy is fine leave her alone >:(!
& lily u arent fat.
stop worryin ur fine


ok. both ppl r complete worthless, waste of air.


lily is really talented and i think this is just one of those meltdowns. and amy winehouse is an addict and i dont agree that she's unique or pretty at all...but she does have talent in being a white girl who sounds black...thats great alright

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