Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush Get to First Base

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Reggie Bush is known for his moves on the football field.

Kim Kardashian is known for her moves in the bedroom.

Rocking a Bikini

Put them together and what do you have? The following unpleasant image of a Heisman Trophy winner swapping spit with a sex tape star.

The two were spotted at TAO in Las Vegas, making like Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders on a beach. Be sure to wash that mouth out with soap tonight, Reggie.

During times like this, you can't help but wonder what Ray J is thinking as he watches Kim cozy up to another man.

The same goes for another Kardashian ex, Nick Cannon. But he's engaged to Selita Ebanks, so we somehow doubt this actor has given his former flame a second thought.


Wow! Some people can really be mean-spirited with the comments...First,I'd like to say I am a professional,educated,articulate black female and this union does bother me in a way--Not in a racial- epithet- induced fury, but I would like to have seen Reggie go for a woman of more substance than what Kim appears to possess-on the other hand, ladies, let's examine the facts for a minute...Reg seems to be enjoying the company of a physically appealing young woman who likes to have a good time,has her OWN money to spend,doesn't have the everyday stresses and complaints many of us do, and knows how to make the most of her femininity--together they live in a world of flashbulbs on the red carpet, jet-setting and customized cars and jewelry--educated or not-how many of us can maintain that lifestyle on our own dime? Many of us can sit here and pass judgment on them but whether we like it or not, they seem to be content with their lives no matter what any of us think or say!




They go to the doctor together to get their meds for their diseases. They love to pee on each other too, because they are dogs in heat, smelly and dirty. Her momma Chris Jenner should be so proud of her nymph lil daughter.


y he wit dat hoe dats sad cus he 2 fine 2 b wit her especially if she the type of girl who got history hell no man.come on na reggie baby u could do betta i no u jus wanna smash but dont smash trash:(


Well, d*** I see the hate and the love, what I dont see, is enough I dont give a f****, really why do you care? It impacts your life in no way, plus she has asset's that J-Lo or T. Ross would love to have. I'd like to sqeeze either three. Black, white, Red, yellow,brown, tan, blactino whatever, if you built like that, we going to the alter.....peace. oh and I'm black as you can get, to that n***** dude up top lets go hunting together :)~




ok well i love reggie he is mii baby for life and he kno it but we just play around and he dont go wit her or anything he has invited her to partys and she is a sweet girl she just has had a few mistakes who hasent all we kno is that we have to learn from them and the kat girl wasent rasest she wus just making a point and its true look at majic johnsin and kobe bryant and the other sports players with white or hispanic woman dont get mad at her for sayin that now im not saying that they dont have black woman cuz they do but lay off her and reggie is he wants to have a good time then let him and if yall hatin on kim thats because you dont know her is you did then you wouldent say anything cuz she is a verry sweet person


for that kat girl that comment was just racist to black women what are you trying to say that black women are ignorant!! check yourself and what you write before you type it sweetie!!


All you girls on here need to stop haten cuz yall dont have Reggie. Let her be yall prolly had more boy friends then she had but yours just werent broadcasted. Give it a rest


hahahahhaaa thats true or some fine Latin women...

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