Joe Francis: Happy to Change Prisons

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Bear in mind, the Girls Gone Wild creator is still in prison. But maybe Paris Hilton can relax; it doesn't have to be so bad.

TMZ has learned that Joe Francis was moved last night from his cell in Bay County Jail - which was making him cry "every day," sources said - to a facility in nearby Jackson County, all under the watchful eye of US Marshals.

Joseph Francis Pic

The federal government, according to sources, is planning to take Francis to Nevada in the next day or so to face tax evasion charges there. So at least Antonella Barba will know where to send that audition tape.

Francis was a no-show in Judge Dee Dee Costello's courtroom this morning, even though he was scheduled to face criminal charges today - of using minors in a sexual performance. An official in the Florida State's Attorney's office tells TMZ that his office has filed a motion with federal judge Richard Smoak to prevent Francis from leaving the state.

So Joe may wish to wipe that smile off this face. His future looks bleaker than that of Kate Bosworth and James Rosseau.

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