Fire Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Petition Pleads

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The debate over Rosie O'Donnell continues.

While the liberal lesbian sits at home and fans either rally to her defense or enemies bid her good riddance, one group of passionate followers are calling for the firing of Rosie's former co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

An online petition that currently has over 14,000 signatures on it is urging The View to let the show's lone conservative voice go. People seem more fired up over this incident than they are over the elimination of Melinda Doolittle on American Idol.

And that's fine. America allows people to express their views in any non-violent ways they see fit. But doesn't that include Hasselbeck? The following excerpt from the petition's website makes it seem like the originators simply want Elisabeth fired because they don't agree with her:

While the purpose of The View is for different views to be expressed, each co-host should be able to express their views without being attacked by a closed-minded co-host who blindly refuses to listen to facts and uses the show to angrily spout propaganda.

So, based on this text, Hasselbeck cannot have an opinion because she doesn't listen to facts? Look, The Hollywood Gossip doesn't buy most of what Elisabeth is saying, but we'll blog to our deaths her right to say it at least. That's what makes America the best country in the world!

Now go exercise your right to laugh at photos of Lindsay Lohan passed out drunk.


Please replace her with someone who listen to other people's views without fighting constantly. Fire her!!! Botenla!!!


Please, please replace EH with an intelligent conservative who can voice her "View" without sputtering. She constantly looks like a deer caught in the headlights when her wealth of knowledge on a subject runs out after two sentences.


Please, please get rid of this child. I try to watch the view every day and I have to turn it off because of this idiot. She is so shrill and stupid, she whines and waves her skinny little arms around making no sense. Her views are not my views but that is ok, neither are Newt's but he made sense, talking intelligenly makes you want to listen to the other side, and i am no fan of his. She is just plain dumb, she says she has a design background well maybe she is more suited for that because she is dragging down the show, really!!! I can not understand how Whoopi, Joy and Sherry can sit there day in and day out


Since she favors John McCain, then she must be in favor of the war in Iraq and the killing of innocent people and the deaths of US Solidiers. Very Sad


I think The View should have hosts that are on both sides politically...but any host should be INFORMED and INTELLIGENT. Also they should show a little class...not sit there waving thier hands, speaking 100 miles an hour and speaking in a shrill voice. Hasselbeck interrupts those who have those qualities time and time again..and her words are always the same. She may be brainwashed but most of us are too bright for that. Time for her to get a real job.


I think there should be room in the View for both liberal and conservative opinions, that's a given...But EH needs to go and make room for an intelligent, informed,CLASSY woman who knows whats she's talking about. Shee is shrill, rude and so very childish. The voice is impossible to listen to...MODULATION EH, modulation please. Our new house- soon as EH opens her mouth, we switch the channel. Hear that sponsors? Barbara, you are usually so good about protecting your show...what the heck are you waiting for? EH has to go and now! PUUUUULLLLEASE!


Isn't it ironic that the very people who are advocates of free speech and tolerance are the ones who are really full of hate. I guess free speech and tolerance are only okay if people agree with your point of view. It's sad that people who try to live a life with high standards are savaged by the so called intellectual elite. The real truth is that the left cannot debate it's position because they cannot deal with facts.


To Robert: The same message for you.... you seem to like this type so much, think you too should try to hook up with Ann Coulter, since Elisabeth is an Ann Coulter wannabe!! They both suck……cannot get a word in edgewise with either of these 2 neocons...but go for it!! *lol*.


To like this type so much, think you should try to hook up with Ann Coulter, since Elisabeth is an Ann Coulter wannabe!! They both suck......cannot get a word in edgewise with either of these 2 neocons.


I have 1 question..........How is Elizabeth going to react when her perfect little life takes a wrong turn,,,,,,damn,,,,,,,,,no one is perfect....I hope she will be able to handle it when it comes, She has placed herself so high on the pedistal that when she falls it will be hard....Hope her perfect little world stays intact for her sake....


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