Fire Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Petition Pleads

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The debate over Rosie O'Donnell continues.

While the liberal lesbian sits at home and fans either rally to her defense or enemies bid her good riddance, one group of passionate followers are calling for the firing of Rosie's former co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

An online petition that currently has over 14,000 signatures on it is urging The View to let the show's lone conservative voice go. People seem more fired up over this incident than they are over the elimination of Melinda Doolittle on American Idol.

And that's fine. America allows people to express their views in any non-violent ways they see fit. But doesn't that include Hasselbeck? The following excerpt from the petition's website makes it seem like the originators simply want Elisabeth fired because they don't agree with her:

While the purpose of The View is for different views to be expressed, each co-host should be able to express their views without being attacked by a closed-minded co-host who blindly refuses to listen to facts and uses the show to angrily spout propaganda.

So, based on this text, Hasselbeck cannot have an opinion because she doesn't listen to facts? Look, The Hollywood Gossip doesn't buy most of what Elisabeth is saying, but we'll blog to our deaths her right to say it at least. That's what makes America the best country in the world!

Now go exercise your right to laugh at photos of Lindsay Lohan passed out drunk.


Elizabeth is my girl! Every time Liz puts-up that act on "The View", I get so hot for her because I love females with strong opinion! Is this America or Apartheid South Africa? In the absence of Elizabeth, any day, I bet viewers feel like they are on a combination of Clonidine and Labetalol! LOL! Sluggish day! By the way, if any of you can forward this email to my girl, I would like to say hello to her! EYHO --- that is my acronym for "Eat Your Heart Out" ! Hi Lizy baby, waiting to chat with ya!


F ire HASSELBECK the hater of everyone except Fox NEWS AND sEAN hANNITY.


I stopped watching the view because of this unintelligent, self absorbed moron. Go to FOX with the rest of the non-thinking cult.


It is just getting so annoying to hear Elisabeth Hasslebeck on The View. She should take a job with Fox so she can feel at home with her pro-PALIN viewpoint. I just don't want to hear her anymore.


Today was the last straw with Hasselbeck. Walters either needs to keep her on topic or have her shut her mouth when she hasn't an intelligent comment to make about the topic. Hasselbeck needs to stop screaming over anyone that doesn't have her opinion. Yes, everyone on panel should be able to express their views - Just stay on topic, try to make an intelligent observation and NO SCREECHING!


Please! Talking about shoving views down everyones throat. What about JOY BEHAR. I know everyone is a liberal on this website so it is liking talking to myself when I try to defend Elisabeth. I am not a big Elisabeth fan but she is the only conservative on the "The View" and has to talk over all the liberals on the panel(including Barbara Walters). Does that say fair and balanced to you?




Elisabeth Hasselbeck is ignorant, she has anger problems, she is a negative person, she has control issues, she is an egomaniac and she is compulsive liar, she is MY PUPPET ....a lot of blond little brain nothing of originality BUT STUPID ENOUGH TO BE AT MY SERVICE


Elisabeth Hasselbeck is ignorant, she has anger problems, she is a negative person, she has control issues, she is an egomaniac and she is compulsive liar, she is the puppet of Sean Hennedy ....a lot of blond little brain nothing of originality


I cannot believe this blonde in a bottle bimbo is in support of allowing Americans to die in a cause that cannot be won. She is incredibly naieve and narrow minded. She simply will not listen objectively. It won't be long before her husband realizes what a liability she is and will dump her. Good riddance EH.


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