Elisabeth Hasselbeck Interview: The View Future and More

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Let's get this out of the way now: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is no Debbie Matenopoulos; i.e. don't look for her to pose in Playboy any time soon.

But The View host did recently talk about the show and her future with TV Guide. Let's listen in!

TV Guide: Congratulations on your pregnancy! Did you plan it so you could deliver during November sweeps?
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
: No. If I could have planned it, I would already have a 1-year-old right now! [She and her husband, New York Giants quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, have a 2-year-old daughter, Grace.]

TV Guide: How would you describe this past year on The View with Star Jones Reynolds' acrimonious departure and Rosie O'Donnell's tumultuous arrival and precipitous decision to leave?
Hasselbeck: Exhilarating. And fun.

TV Guide: C'mon! Wasn't it kind of like reliving Survivor but with better food?
Hasselbeck: It's very different. Underneath these blonde highlights, I'm a fighter. I like to have someone who is as passionate about this world as I am. I found that in Rosie this year. It's been such a privilege to have the most bare-knuckled, honest conversations with her. When someone as strong as Rosie steps in, you either step up or you get disempowered.

TV Guide: Wait! Isn't liberal Rosie a bully who makes Elisabeth cry?
Hasselbeck: Absolutely not! Ro and I have become friends. We e-mail each other, we talk about art, we go out together with our kids. I feel such trust for her. Because we so openly take such opposite positions politically, we have made a concerted effort to get to know each other personally.

TV Guide: How would you answer those who call Rosie an obnoxious loudmouth?
Hasselbeck: I'd like to know the last time someone called a man out there, who was giving an opinion backed up with fact, a "loudmouth." It takes a man to say something completely heinous, chauvinistic and racist for people to even bat an eye.

The Hollywood Gossip note: Mel Gibson is still available for this duty.

TV Guide: Your big YouTube moment was an emotional spat with Barbara Walters over the morning-after pill. Why were you so upset?
Hasselbeck: That situation gets me fired up. It amazes me that people will storm Washington for trees, and yet we don't stand up for the lives of the unborn. It's a personal cause.

TV Guide: Were you fired up enough to want to quit The View?
Hasselbeck: I never have been. I'm a person of strong faith. I believe that God has a plan for me to be here, and I believe that I'm a better citizen because of this job â€" using my mouth and my mind for political causes and social issues.

The Hollywood Gossip note: This runs counter to Antonella Barba, who uses her mouth for ... other things.


Actually if they believe in God and use God as an excuse for their behaviour, I beleive that is the worse sin one can make...don't ever turn a loving God into hate.


Doctors recommend divorcing your family if they are lethal. Sounds like some here have. Good deal and don't let them rent your brain. Never feel guilty over it. We unfortunately can't choose who gives us birth but we can choose who to be with, when we leave home. Many religious people have a nack for setting bad examples by turning the issue to religion, as if that excuses them.


Thank you Uncle AL...GBU


Corrie, is your sister related to mine? I am laughing so hard and about to fall off me chair as my sister is the exact same as yours...Looking and acting like Rosie yet loving Elizabeth-.Dual Personalities Disorder. That's my sister. Mad, angry, jealous with irrational outbursts and saying Jesus talks to her and tells her to hurt others, including her children-thank goodness they are grown now but no one knows the abuse they really have suffered. I know some from 2 of her children. Rosie has suffered she says…but she makes others suffer along side her…as my sister has. It is sad really.


My sister loves Elizabeth and the strange thing is, she acts and looks like Rosie. Funny but sad.


Wright is Wrong. Obama going to that church for 20 years and didn't know his racist views???? Who is stupid enough to believe that?


I really think all of you who dislike EH are so out of it. She is a very nice person and I think she has the right to voice her opion without the other ladies getting on her. I enjoy watching the View every morning, I do have to say I'm getting tire of the politics and the bikering. Everyone is entitle to their opinion so lets move on the should just take turns talking.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck need a dose of reality. She is a racist but tires to hide it. If she stay on the show I will stop looking at it. Shame because all the other is down to earth women.


What is wrong with the RIGHT?
Why are they so Hateful and Bigoted?
Elizabeth is a closet racist and should be better off on FOX NEWS with all of the other right wing nuts...
She would fit in immediately with those DEVILS!
I guarantee when she actually gets booted off The View, that's where she lands...Watch!


Elizabeth is back... Big Whoop!
She does make things interesting though--even if she is a Republican madwoman...
The reason republicans have a hard time attracting new party members is because of crazies like Elizabeth!
They have a sheer hatred for the other party or candidate...Most people don't like to go those kinds of extremes...There's no such thing as disagreement or compromise with Repubs...It's their way or we'll fight you like a dog---with every bit of trash we can muster up...
The American


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Right now, with two kids, one 3 and one 5 months, a little walk for ice cream with the kids is perfectly romantic. When they are falling asleep in the stroller and [we can] just take in the city together.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck [on the spark in her marriage]

Body image has nothing to do with scale numbers, it's how you feel inside. This is the first time I've felt free from that, because I am working out in a way where I feel so strong that there's no room for those doubts.

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