Elisabeth Hasselbeck Interview: The View Future and More

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Let's get this out of the way now: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is no Debbie Matenopoulos; i.e. don't look for her to pose in Playboy any time soon.

But The View host did recently talk about the show and her future with TV Guide. Let's listen in!

TV Guide: Congratulations on your pregnancy! Did you plan it so you could deliver during November sweeps?
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
: No. If I could have planned it, I would already have a 1-year-old right now! [She and her husband, New York Giants quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, have a 2-year-old daughter, Grace.]

TV Guide: How would you describe this past year on The View with Star Jones Reynolds' acrimonious departure and Rosie O'Donnell's tumultuous arrival and precipitous decision to leave?
Hasselbeck: Exhilarating. And fun.

TV Guide: C'mon! Wasn't it kind of like reliving Survivor but with better food?
Hasselbeck: It's very different. Underneath these blonde highlights, I'm a fighter. I like to have someone who is as passionate about this world as I am. I found that in Rosie this year. It's been such a privilege to have the most bare-knuckled, honest conversations with her. When someone as strong as Rosie steps in, you either step up or you get disempowered.

TV Guide: Wait! Isn't liberal Rosie a bully who makes Elisabeth cry?
Hasselbeck: Absolutely not! Ro and I have become friends. We e-mail each other, we talk about art, we go out together with our kids. I feel such trust for her. Because we so openly take such opposite positions politically, we have made a concerted effort to get to know each other personally.

TV Guide: How would you answer those who call Rosie an obnoxious loudmouth?
Hasselbeck: I'd like to know the last time someone called a man out there, who was giving an opinion backed up with fact, a "loudmouth." It takes a man to say something completely heinous, chauvinistic and racist for people to even bat an eye.

The Hollywood Gossip note: Mel Gibson is still available for this duty.

TV Guide: Your big YouTube moment was an emotional spat with Barbara Walters over the morning-after pill. Why were you so upset?
Hasselbeck: That situation gets me fired up. It amazes me that people will storm Washington for trees, and yet we don't stand up for the lives of the unborn. It's a personal cause.

TV Guide: Were you fired up enough to want to quit The View?
Hasselbeck: I never have been. I'm a person of strong faith. I believe that God has a plan for me to be here, and I believe that I'm a better citizen because of this job â€" using my mouth and my mind for political causes and social issues.

The Hollywood Gossip note: This runs counter to Antonella Barba, who uses her mouth for ... other things.


I enjoy watching "The View" but I find myself changing the channel because Elizabeth is so obnoxious. She talks over everyone and comes across disrespectful. Even Barbara had to tell her to calm down this past week. Seems like there are other mature people who could replace her. It would definitely make the show better if she was gone.


Sheesh peeps, you watch the show and complain about the people on it...stop watching them if you don't like'em. End of story.


I think Rosie is a hard and quite difficult person to look at. I mean she is a beast, really. Americans are getting way way too fat and vulgar, which is Rosie.


When I see Elizabeth come out the stage door in the Views opening I turn off my tv. I can't even stand to look at her. I wish she would go away so I could enjoy the View once again. By the way, why is she even there. Her credentials consist of "being on survivor". She sits next to amazing stars like Whoopie, Joy, and Ms. Walters. There is no comparison! Seriously...why is she there????


Anyone have friends that look and act like Rosie? Don't be shy.


I believe that ABC can find a better co-host than Elizabeth. She is so rude and immature. I believe that she is a closeted racist. I don;t watch the show anymore because her nasal voice and immature behavior detract from the topics.


rosie is a fat cow with depression. she can't handle her anger.


Rosie was stupid way way back blaming our soldiers for the war and comparing Islam to Christianity. She hasn't a clue about Islam...Mohammad said fight and kill the infidels (non Muslims) until Islam is the only religion on Earth...though the English version only says fight...Muslims know figthing is to the death...arabic is kill.


Elizabeth is nerve racking. She must be seeking ajob in the white house if mccain should God help us wins. She defends everything that is said about bush and mccain even before it is stated.Her voice is so high pitched I have to lower the volume on my tv.


I truely let Elizabeth back on The View, I actually don't like her. She is a fussy,(I would say, Blonde:but have you seen those roots)little spoiled girl who ran across a rich guy and has no ideal what surviving really is. I dare her to come to neighborhoods and talk that non-sense she tries to pull on Whoopi G. I thought The View was ok, but as long as you have E. Hasslebeck on, I promise to not eve view it. As far as her speaking on Barack Obama do your homework, honey. If McCain is who you want for President, no problem. Show a little less racism when you have the arguments, because you never raise a good point. You just show dislike. Be a lady, like Michelle she has more important things than you debate with you back & forth.I figure you can becaome a stay home MOM!!!!:)


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Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Tim Hasselbeck
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, former Survivor contestant, is a co-host on The View. She can be real annoying but she will keep things interesting... More »
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Right now, with two kids, one 3 and one 5 months, a little walk for ice cream with the kids is perfectly romantic. When they are falling asleep in the stroller and [we can] just take in the city together.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck [on the spark in her marriage]

Body image has nothing to do with scale numbers, it's how you feel inside. This is the first time I've felt free from that, because I am working out in a way where I feel so strong that there's no room for those doubts.

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