Down, Not Out: Ellen DeGeneres Hosts Talk Show From Bed

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Portia de Rossi should be proud. Her lover is quite the trooper.

Despite an injured back, Ellen DeGeneres is hosting shows this week from a hospital bed on the stage.

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The host of the syndicated The Ellen DeGeneres Show said during Monday's taping she was placed on bed rest after she hurt herself Sunday when she leaned over to pick up her dog in her kitchen.

"I felt a tear," said DeGeneres on the show with guest Ryan Seacrest that aired this morning. "I tore a ligament and did something to something else. That's what happened and they said that I'm not able to sit, to move or to do anything."

While lying in her adjustable bed, DeGeneres introduced to the audience her doctor, Fred Lerner, and the emergency room technician who treated her, Frankie Conrad.

After the show with Seacrest, DeGeneres arranged to tape a second program Monday with a guest that knows all about lying on her back in bed: Lindsay Lohan. It airs Wednesday.

Because she can't travel, DeGeneres postponed a much-promoted show aboard an airplane from Los Angeles to New York that was to tape Thursday. She also canceled a May 5 trip to Chicago for a Make-a-Wish Foundation charity event. Fortunately, other charitable endeavors by celebrities are still a go:

Kristine Lefebvre raises cervical cancer awareness in Playboy on Friday.


I just thought you would get a kick out of this story. My nephew and his family just came to visit on their way to Hawaii. They had been living in Atkins Arkansas. A few weeks ago when the tornado struck their town the children told me that the warning sirens were going off and my niece in-law refused to change the channel and watch the news because she was watching the Ellen Show. Finally a news flash went across the bottom of the screen and instructed people in the area to take cover they were about to get hit with the tornado. They all took cover in the shower and were safe. They are now on their way to live in Hawaii and hopefully she won't have anymore of her Ellen Shows interuppted.


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