Dina Lohan, Desperate for Attention, Speaks Out

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Lindsay Lohan is busy exposing her boobs and bending over for Calum Best.

Her attention-hungry, self-absorbed mother, meanwhile, is talking to the press. Here's some of the most recent nonsense Dina Lohan is spewing:

She's Baaaaaaaaaaack!

How is Lindsay holding up with the tape circulating?
"We're not reading anything about [her obvious cocaine habit]. You can't let it bother you. We work so hard, then some girl just tried to make money off her [for that tape]. Lindsay doesn't even know who her friends are."

Do you think Lindsay is at the clubs too much?
"This [premieres and parties] is the fun part of the business. She'll be 21 in a few months. Regardless, of course, as a parents, you set boundaries and scold them. But there are these dark stories â€" she is so misunderstood. All she wants to do is act and have a somewhat normal life. When you're 20, it's normal to want to go to The Ivy, to go to the hot stores. She can't live in a bubble."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: But she can live inside a bed with Best, James Blunt, Harry Morton, James Franco, Jude Law, Brody Jenner...

Do you ever worry that she's pushing herself too hard?
"When she doesn't work, she's so bored. I've told her, ‘Please slow down. Stop!' She's growing up and learning to do that. ... I'm her mother first: Everything could go away, and I couldn't care less."

Right, Dina. You don't care about fame. That's like saying J.K. Rowling fans don't care about Harry Potter spoilers.

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