Criss Angel Speaks on "Amazing" Cameron Diaz

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Competing with other hot Hollywood couples such as Kate Bosworth and James Rousseau is tough.

But Criss Angel has an amazing ace up his magical sleeve in the race for celebrity gossip attention.

"Cam is an amazing person," the Mindfreak star tells People magazine in regard to the one and only Cameron Diaz. "I'm so honored to be able to call her my friend."

But does he mean friend or does he mean down and dirty lover? "I don't know how to classify them," one close source said. "But she is using the word 'we' to mean her and Criss."

Who knows what that means, though. Anne Heche once used the word "we" to describe herself and Coley Laffoon - and we all saw how that turned out.

Criss and Cameron have been spotted in Las Vegas two weeks in a row: Two days after they met on May 12, they caught a Cirque du Soleil show, where one witness told People, "they were snuggling with each other and he was making her laugh."

And on May 18, Diaz jetted to Vegas for a romantic rendezvous with Angel that included snuggling through dinner at Social House, then slow dancing at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Body English.

The two will need to continue with such cozy behavior if they wish to remain in the headlines ahead of other cute new couples, such as Natalie Portman and Andy Samberg.


criss angel is not gay he's hot and he went out wiht other girls you know...woot woot
he's so wicked. I love his show its awesome i watch it every tuesday's when its on. so ha...he's so not gay. Then explain why he's going out wiht cameron diaz???


Criss Angel is being a bit "rock star"...except without the music (unless you count his theme song). Anyway, isn't a magician supposed to be mysterious? He has given away a good deal of his secrets and also given away a good deal of his personality...and toting a new girl everyday has upset his poor female fans. Supposedly the "loyals" (die-hard Criss fans) are shocked by his recent icyness to them when they now come to see him in Vegas. Truth is, celebrity has caught up to him and he's lovin it. What's left to the mystery? Not a whole lot.


his oprah appearance made him out to be gay, which he is...sorry ladies...and now he is overcompensating. ; ) cheers! Btw: angels rock!


they were seen snuggling i thought they were ''friends''


plus i dont think friends snuggle


omg i always get confused who hes goin out with

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