Coley Laffoon: Anne Heche is Insane

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You may not know who Coley Laffoon is, but surely the latter half of this headline doesn't come as a huge shock to you.

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    Welcome to the 21st century Anne. Now I don't really know this ex-hubby of hers, but I will lose all respect for him if he doesn't promptly respond to her Dave Letterman comments by moving in a fresh looking 25-yr old hottie. The two could lay up all day together on that 33k check. Besides, his defense should be, " I'm not lazy...I have to spend that money you're making for me, now get back to work! "


    I agree Lolly...Anne has always been a bit of a twit and has repeatedly screwed up every relationship she's been in. Good for Ellen that she left this weirdo for beautiful Portia. You wanted a husband to have a baby, now pay the spousal support. Duh! Idiot.


    I always thought Anne Heche was a but crazy, but after her appearance on David Letterman I also think she's a twit! As to the spokesperson who released the comment about spousal support, I'm sure they would be signing a different tune if it were a woman asking for support from her husband. Anne admitted herself she married him to have a baby. You play, you pay! Women wanted equality, well here it is! Pay up!


    2 screwed up people that seem to deserve each other. Sorry for the child. Hey Anne. have u figured out which sex floats your boat yet? and Coley, get a job you lazy gigalo.

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