Britney Spears' Latest Hair-Raising Experience

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Baldness is sooooooo last month, apparently, as Britney Spears' horrific blonde extensions have made yet another appearance on the pop star's head.

The reaction? Let's just say they've received a response only slightly more positive than Simon Monjack got after he somehow married Brittany Murphy.

Bollywood Brit

Despite two days of brutally hard work on the part of professional stylists, Britney Spears' head still looks like a total a mess.

Yesterday, our celebrity gossip staffers reported that Britney's inch-long real hair has been given the extension treatment, and that the wigs have been discarded.

So much for Allie's hard work. But she best not throw out that wig collection just yet, because by the look of things, she's going to need more than a li'l touch-up on those extensions.

Meanwhile, with Sean Preston and possibly Jayden James in tow, Britney Spears hit up her favorite haunts - a fast food joint and the ever-popular Millennium Dance Studio, clad in a tight little black number.

Perhaps she felt morbid after seeing pictures of her hair in the mirror, or was mourning the return of possible man-toy Howie Day to rehab.


ya yeter ya yeter bRitneye çektirdikleri acı yeter britney düzelmişti şimdi ne oldu yani kimin için kazansın...???


hi its me again ashley from above lol i forgot to say: i am shore when you get over your marriage you will make a fresh start and will be a great mum too your kids xxxxxxxxxxxxx cya


hi Britany! i hope you are okay! i love u and ur songs Advice from a BIG fan (ashley!): wash your hair! i DON'T WANT MY BIGGEST FAN PREETY BUT NO HAIR but most of all i still love u britany wiv hair or not! ps i hope your famliy is ok! xxx


Also, who doesn't act a little whacked when your marriage goes bust and you have 2 babies at 25, 26? Britney obviously very much desired a storybook marriage and family... it just went awry. She really loved FedEx and tried to be a good wife!! She has every right to go off balance--not to mention the possibility of post-partum issues that can really mess you up. Many of my young friends went a little kooky shortly after giving birth. That being said, especially when she recovers from her setbacks, Britney will be the most wonderful mother!!


Poor woman! Cut her some slack! At least she stays fit. That's more than I can say for most Americans...


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