Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, High School Musical Cast Ask: Got Milk?

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Fans of High School Musical can't wait for August 17 to roll around. That's when the second season of this teen sensation premieres on the Disney Channel.

But you can drool over Zac Efron and company right now, ladies!

Laker Fans

The young actor stars in a new Got Milk campaign, along with Ashley Tisdale and the rest of his pretend classmates.

It's classic, innocent fun. The sort Britney Spears stopped having long before Jayden James was even born.

And Lindsay Lohan has never had unless cocaine and alcohol were involved.


this is so gay


I think Zac and Vanessa would be good together and Ashley and Zeke are good together. No offense Ashley fans! =]!


hiya i love troy and sharpay u are soooo cool chad i like u and troys girlfriend soz forgot her name i love your song bop to the top sharpay and ryan xxxx HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ROCKS i have to go cye xxxxxxxxxxxps. luv u all


Hey Zashley they call u that on utube.hah just jokeing i wonder if /No oofense.Hi Corbin u look hott


by the way i did the message at 12 58 pm mid day


hi ashley you are so coool i wish i was you and vinesser u get on my nevers you do not being rude i love you alll my fav people are zac efforn ashley tisdale and her brother in high school musical sorry forgot ur name i wish i was you i have never meet or seen any famous pepole i love you all i like chad oh yh chad i love u on jumpin im going to go by xxxxx oxo xox


hiya ashley im james i would love to meet you some day im your number 1 fan cya !


I love Zac Efron. He is hot and sexy.


zac dnt get angade wi vanessa get back to getha wi ashley plz every1 wants u 2


hi guys i luv u all n zac u r so hot a luv u loadz
ma fave charecter is ashley n zac u to r so cute u mke the perfect match

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Monmouth County, New Jersey
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Ashley Michelle Tisdale

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We've been through so much together in this phenomenon. It's pretty amazing to be a part of something so big.

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It’s my dream to work with Shia Labeouf. I just think he’s an amazing actor. I love his comedy and his drama work.

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