Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, High School Musical Cast Ask: Got Milk?

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Fans of High School Musical can't wait for August 17 to roll around. That's when the second season of this teen sensation premieres on the Disney Channel.

But you can drool over Zac Efron and company right now, ladies!

Laker Fans

The young actor stars in a new Got Milk campaign, along with Ashley Tisdale and the rest of his pretend classmates.

It's classic, innocent fun. The sort Britney Spears stopped having long before Jayden James was even born.

And Lindsay Lohan has never had unless cocaine and alcohol were involved.




hi!Im busra.ı want to meet with you too.see u later write me back.


je taime bcp zack plz fair pur moi add a sil te plzit je taime bcp bye tc


hi .........................the cast of high school musical


Hi Zac,,,!!! My name is Sita. I'm your fans from Indonesia. Zac, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,,,!!! You're very handsome and cool,,, If you singing, I'm happy. Because, your voice make my heart relax. I hope to see you in Indonesia. Zac, what do you sing in the shower? Hahaha,,,, Just kidding. Troy, take care Gabriella.


hello i think ryan is so cute with his hair spiked up i think he should always have it up


zac i Love and ash are a great couple.


zac v ash are so cool


hı my name ıs ayse.ım from turkey.lıvıng ın ıstanbul.ı love u so much.especıally ashley tısdale.ı love your song so much and your dancıngs ıs wonderfull.we show your dances ın schooll.we do ıt lıke you does.ı have your posters magazınes.ı love you so much.ı hope to see you ın turkey.wıth love ayse


zac is well fit

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Ashley Tisdale Biography

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Ashley Tisdale doesn't receive the same amount of attention as other stars of High School Musical. But this cute singer is awfully... More »
Monmouth County, New Jersey
Full Name
Ashley Michelle Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale Quotes

We've been through so much together in this phenomenon. It's pretty amazing to be a part of something so big.

Ashley Tisdale [on High School Musical]

It’s my dream to work with Shia Labeouf. I just think he’s an amazing actor. I love his comedy and his drama work.

Ashley Tisdale